This is one of my worst faults.

I know, I know, how can it be that I have ANY faults, but I am serious about this one thing. If I think I am right about something, good luck getting me to change my mind. I will go to time immemorial before I acquiesce.

Karen used to drive me absolutely nuts when she would say something WRONG, known to be wrong by everyone on planet Earth, and she would insist on being correct when she was not.

Here’s the good part.

If I didn’t agree or back her up, it was on ME for being disloyal!

It wasn’t until years later when I realized she was just fucking with me.

My best friend Turner once walked home five miles away in a freezing blizzard rather than agree that I had won a ping-pong match.

My kind of guy.

These were not your average matches, no.

As I liked to say to my foe, “If you lose in ping-pong, you lose in life.”

These were all-out cocaine-fueled bloodbaths of epic proportions and always ended with one player losing all his money to the other.

These were not cordial affairs.

Since neither T nor myself were backing down on this matter, it got pretty heated before he just put on a light jacket and headed off into the blizzard. I thought about going after him, but started thinking about it and I really thought I was right.

It has been over thirty years and you know what?

I think I might have made a mistake.

He might have won that match.

But I’m too stubborn to try and look him up to call and apologize.

When I got married, being stubborn was definitely not going to work out for me. Instead, I had to go into a whole new gear and pump the brakes because I would NEVER BACK DOWN!

I would literally go to time immemorial.

No communication at all.


I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed enough funds to live my colorful life, and I used to take great pride in my positive bank balance, despite all my hedonistic tendencies.

I never borrowed money without a loan application and I would cut off my own arm off first before I would ask for money from my father.

But in a blog for another day, I needed for him to spot me fifty-thousand so I could purchase a house in Arizona.

It was really no big thing; it was just a for a few weeks to allow some stock options to clear and transfer.

But he always made a big deal out of it until his dying day.

Old school that way.

So Karen and I aren’t talking right now because, as usual, she is wrong about something and of course I am right, so there is literally no talking with her. I am going to have to be the adult in this relationship and break down and open up the lines of communication, no doubt about it.

And I will.

In time immemorial.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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