TV Ads

I am watching a television ad and it is for a vacuum that claims to clean AND pick up invisible dust.

Shite, pure and simple.

This is a door-to-door salesman’s dream. He will no longer have to soil the carpet to prove anything (not soil the carpet himself, no). One of the tricks in that particular arena was to throw some dirt, lint, flotsam and jetsam on the clean floor of the unsuspecting prospect, and then show the firsthand efficiency that their own product provided in cleaning up the “mess.”

 I’m thinking the invisible dust gig sounds easier.

If I really want to get under the skin of Karen, aka the Domestic Despot, I will say all the words (in different voices if necessary) for TV ads I know.

She’s not a big fan and I rarely get through the entire ad without feeling pain.

I joke about Karen’s muscle-less linguini arms and I have been known to characterize (what she calls) her Flying Fists of Death. A man of letters such as myself thinks “a mini-marshmallow on the end of a twig” is a more accurate description, but try telling the DD that.

No don’t.

But when she gets several punches off in succession, it becomes no laughing matter at that point.


Truth be told, I have seen a limited amount of ads that are shown on the telly unless they are shown during the course of a sporting event. With all the streaming channels available, many ad-free, you can literally click your way through an entire evening without ever seeing one advertisement.


Conor MacGregor has some crap ads for his whiskey. I hope it doesn’t taste as sour as the ads are.

I am not the least bit afraid of Conor MacGregor.

He has thirty-five years on me.

Big deal.

“Satin Latin” in gold letters on my robe as I step into the ring.  

Don’t you think I would get into a ring with him if it were thirty-five years ago when I was still in good shape and training every day?

You must think I am fucking crazy.

I’m not big on Kevin Hart, the diminutive comedian, whose schtick is talking too loudly.

It is not funny and to show you how effective this ad played, I have no idea what product or service was being promoted. It is probably for the best for their inept marketing department. I suppose I could buy it by mistake if I don’t know who it is.

Pretty lame marketing ploy if you ask me.

One of the very first TV ads I recall was for a British show called “The Dustbinmen.”

Let us compare:

British          dustbinmen

American    garbage collectors


If you don’t think dustbinmen are important members of our world, wait until you don’t have a dustbinmen.

The very first American TV ad I ever remember seeing was in 1964 California.

The ad was for Western Airlines, of course no longer in existence, and their icon was a half-in-the-bag owl kicking back on the tail wing.

“Western Airlines, the ONLY way to fly!”

Stay well.

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