Has anyone on the planet Earth ever bought one and only one Bluetooth?

I am coughing, cupping my mouth and trying to say “bull-shit” at the same time.

You get the idea.

And then, the very instant you get your little package from Amazon with your new device…

Found it!

As fall is approaching, bleak gray skies are fast becoming the norm. I just got my booster shot and my arm was sore for three days.


The painters are starting Monday and I figure five days, but we’re getting a room for four days.

Once we get back, the fireplace will get its virgin run just in time for a frothy mug of Christmas cheer in the form of Grandma’s Egg Nog.

I will post the recipe as part of my own Twelve Days of Christmas. Just as I did last year.

Wow, it is hard for me to believe I have been posting a blog a day for over a year now.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new cryfest TV show.

Back in the day, it was Little House on the Prairie. The Michael Landon show could bring the biggest hardass to tears.

But the Domestic Despot had me sit with her and we watched New Amsterdam. It is a hospital-based show and the goings ontherein.

I shit you not, I was brought to tears THREE times during the course of ONE episode.

Major slobberfest.

I like the cast in what I have seen so far, so I guess I officially “have a show.”


I tried watching Kev-Dogg in Yellowstone, and I saw a few seasons, but the redheaded daughter brought back too many scary memories of a girl I met in Corpus Christi, Texas.

She was six-feet tall, hated men but loved sex, smoked nonstop during her waking hours, and she possessed a body that was perfectly formed for procreating.

We met at a club I was playing at with a country-rock band.

We met early for our date and had some street tacos before getting drinks at the bar. Our sound check wasn’t for a couple hours yet.

She was flirting with everyone in the club, and I think she even left with a couple guys for brief periods of time before returning a bit worse for wear.


Turned me on.

So, long story short, she stole my stereo, my stamp collection (worth 10k), my PA system (yep, my entire PA with master sound board, lights, monitors, the whole nine yards).

In a believe-it-or-not, she actually repaid me almost two decades later.

They say if you live long enough….

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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