This is one of the easiest blogs to write all year, because I feel like I literally live out the thanks I have.

For being born in my family.

For travelling around the world and embracing and being embraced by different peoples. For learning that pain is universal and inescapable.

For meeting the different markers in my life who shared their wisdom and empathy as I navigate through this sphere of existence.

For turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, fresh cranberry sauce, Fruit Cream Salad, and of course I will have plenty of Pineapple Cake, a Kush coming in at a healthy 28% THC.

Parker House rolls and butter.

Very silly high.

Lots of laughter.

I was practicing today and I came across an old Anne Murray (talk about a sexy voice!) song Could I Have This Dance (For the Rest of My Life?). I vaguely remember the song’s initial run, but it is definitely in my personal Country Hall of Fame.

So is Crystal Gayle.

For very obvious reasons.

So I added Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and Anne’s song to my playlist. I used to do Danny’s Song, but I am so friggin’ old now that I have to adjust the lyrics to meet the times. Singing about how Karen is about to have a son is well, for lack of a single solitary word unfriggin’believable.

We can all take a collective breath from the stringencies of last year, but keep in mind, there are fifteen hundred people dying from the COVID-19 virus.


I take back all the bad things I was thinking and saying about Georgia. The trial of McMichael-Bryan was refreshing in this day of recent sham trials. If you want to see a gathering of beauties, go to an Alabama-Georgia football game.


There is a southern perfume that hangs in the air in Georgia.

So we move on from the frenetic pace of justice denied and ready to concern ourselves with the next plate of fluff news that my girl Robin Meade offers up.

I won’t get a date until after the winter schedule is over, but I am going to check at a couple of local bars that offer live music.

If/when I get a gig, I will be sending a letter to Robin Meade at CNN and I will invite her to my gig.

I’ve always told Karen that “if Robin Meade knew I was here, she’d be here so fast your head would spin.”

Now we can see if I am right or if I am just as Karen says and I am merely full of shit.

Karen says she already knows the answer.

I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow we celebrate the holiday at my main man ADOGG and sister Kris and their (our) wonderful family’s house in lovely Maineville, OH. (pronounced Main-VULL—what the hell is that about? Just too lazy to keep a soft “i” going through the entire word?)

Of course there is so much more I am forgetting to mention that I am thankful for, but God knows.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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