Maddogg’s State of the Union Review

I watched JoJo’s speech tonight and of course, I have some thoughts on it. 1—There’s got to be some age restrictions imposed on all the old whitehairs running our government. 2—That ancient Bernie Sanders really wanted to make sure he stood out from everyone in the building, so he was the only one who woreContinue reading “Maddogg’s State of the Union Review”

Is That Still a Thing?

I got a glimpse of Madonna at tonight’s Grammy Awards. Yikes! There comes a time when icons need to go the Dietrich route and stay out of the public eye. From what I could see, today’s women are reverting back to the “let-it-all-hang-out generation Why are girls still trying to look like Jessica Rabbit? TheyContinue reading “Is That Still a Thing?”

Checking In

A weather balloon. Right. Now it’s just debris, but why did it take so long for the bubbleheads in our Defense Department to shoot it down? And why is a mere weather balloon the size of a football field? Must be a whole lot of data it is collecting. Even an old country boy likeContinue reading “Checking In”

Second Chances

Not everybody deserves them. Murderers should die the same way they killed. Thieves should have to pay back ten times what they stole at whatever rate they pay working prisoners per license plate, or whatever. If it starts to take ten years prison time to start paying back small fines, criminals may think twice. NoContinue reading “Second Chances”

Did I Hear That Right?

The Memphis Police Department, embroiled in the murder of one of its citizens they took an oath to serve and protect, has decided they will simply stop racial profiling. Simple. Who knew it would be that easy? Saying they will stop racial profiling is the same as making a recipe for a cake that requiresContinue reading “Did I Hear That Right?”

Tyre Nichols

By now, the whole world has seen the disgusting video of the beating, er murder, of another innocent black man at the hands of a lynch mob disguised as police officers in the city of Memphis, TN. Man’s inhumanity to man. Not black v. white; no, black on black. Go figure. Like black men don’tContinue reading “Tyre Nichols”

Better Late?

If you call me up and don’t start speaking within the first five seconds, my ass is gonna hang up on your ass and I will block your number for all-time. Pet peeve? Probably more like a foible. Although I am actually avoiding the Old Man Syndrome where everything irritates you, and that is probablyContinue reading “Better Late?”

I Know I Shouldn’t

I know better. But I can’t stop a smile from taking over my face when I hear of an  armed criminal being terminated by an honest citizen who lawfully stopped anyone else (aka non-criminals) from being harmed at the gas station and should get a raise as far as I am concerned.. The world isContinue reading “I Know I Shouldn’t”

One More Reason..

I don’t live in Alaska—I do not want to die of a polar bear attack. Unfortunately, a mother and her one-year old baby had to pay the price for man’s encroachment on polar bears, eliminating fruitful lands and driving the bears to find food wherever they can find it. They found this particular bear andContinue reading “One More Reason..”

Oh Me of Little Faith

I woke up late and missed the first five minutes of the Derby—Manchester United hosting our rivals Manchester City. The Reds actually started out quite smoothly, and, although I was hoping for a loss, albeit a CLOSE loss to the powder blues, I just have seen enough games of City to see firsthand the unrivalledContinue reading “Oh Me of Little Faith”