Rainy Season

The painters show up for day two and they already have the walls, trim, and ceilings done with the first coat. So they are really going at a fast clip and it looks like we might get it wrapped up by Friday. One of the lads professes to be a Fighting Irish football fan.

I assured him he was going to heaven.

He smiled and said, “Go Irish!”

This leaves bathroom and kitchen remodels to be done and then I will start on the pool and deck for the backyard.

One good thing about the changing weather and the impending cold.

It means that spring and summer are next up, patiently waiting around the corner, and then…

Boom! We get the gun back.

Today we left our boys with the sitter for the day and Karen dragged me to do some shopping with her.

Floor and wall tiles, sinks, faucets, lights and light fixtures…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


We got a boatload of boxes packed into the back of the Highlander.

We went driving around the Oregon District of Dayton today. The rain started early and fell all day long. I just smile when I think of how awesome it will all look in the spring when the leaves return.

There were a lot of bars, shops, and restaurants and we stopped for lunch at one of the local eateries.

Karen had a burger and I zeroed in on the prime rib sandwich.


Karen is on a mission lately to fatten me up. My weight dropped precipitously after my last trio of surgeries. When I went to the doctor originally, I was a porky two-hundred and sixty pounds of Love Lava.

Now, all these surgeries later, I weigh in at a svelte (Karen says “skinny”) one-hundred and sixty pounds. Even I can find the wherewithall to know that I could use a few more pounds on my frame, so I am eating more food and especially more bad (read fatty) foods.

Now mama didn’t raise no cornpone so I locked in on the mountain of shaved medium rare prime sandwich slices and the au jus served was a deep, dark roasted beef glaze that resembled molasses.

We split a delicious Caprese salad and the homemade buffalo mozzarella was fresh, creamy, and the portions were large.

High perception of value.

Looow food cost (every Chef’s friend).

It seems like every little town to major cities in this state all have the same ten restaurant chains:

Steak and Shake




Panda Express


Bob Evans



Burger King.

Oh, there are others, many others, but these are the staples.

I mean they really put away the fast food out here.

I’ll keep you posted on my weight gain.

Stay well.

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