Here’s a real Up with Life moment.

The painters started today and they are good. Fast, clean, and efficient.

I sat in the living room and turned on the telly to kill some time. I put on the headphones and treated myself to the documentary Cannibal Island. Based on one of the most horrifying crimes against humanity, I was riveted to my Vizio as they showed Josef Stalin oversee the forced evacuation of many thousands of people who were deemed “unsuitable.” These citizens, many with proper credentials and passports, were shipped to the outlying area of the Soviet Union.

Like Siberia.

And Nazino Island.

Not that it means anything, but the population contained “undesirables.” Undesirable to Stalin.

Now in spite of the fact the United States has lost a bit of luster from its shine, despite the fact that we are no longer a unified country, polarized by racism and ever-widening economic stratification, AT LEAST we don’t have leaders in this day and age, driven by such hatred.

Or do we?

As horrifying as the concept of cannibalism is, what else did that dipshit Stalin think was going to happen when you put six thousand people on a barren island with nothing but their wits to serve and protect them from bitter cold winters?

With no food and in many cases, no clothing, people were starved to the point of looking at other human beings as a food source. There are horrific accounts of parents having to eat their own children in order to survive.

And you think we’ve got it bad.

Not nearly.

I have seen recent predictions of the future of this country and it is not pretty.

Civil war.

Another one.

I declare that the first indicator has come and gone. The question is how badly we want to continue this merry-go-round of life.

And why can’t anyone say anything without offending someone else because they merely don’t agree with your worldview? I can’t understand where this defensiveness came from.

Just another mania to deal with.

Nobody ever gave two shits about what others’ political beliefs were before, at least not to the point to where it produced divisiveness and hatred unrivalled since 1865.

I liked it like that.

Now I am not the biggest fan of the political arena by any means, but this country needs a political enema.

Out with the old thinking, and a new vision that includes a more holistic view of this planet and her resources.

And while we’re at it, let’s abandon the pesky two-party system.



Living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse
Vendettas of death back; the colors I choose
Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don’t matter
Sucker dive for your life when my shotgun scatters

(Thanks Ice-T.)

There should be only ONE color in America.


For the embarrassment we should feel at being such a fucked-up country.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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