I Promised and I Delivered

When I set about writing my first book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! I started reading every short story I could get my hands on. I was looking to find the average amount of pages it took to tell a great story.

I originally put over 30 stories into under 100 pages.

Each story will impact you.


And this from someone who does not make promises as a rule.

I was raised a strict Catholic boy, but I was not an altar boy.

I wasn’t that kind of Catholic boy.

This shorty is titled Speak Up! and it represents the emotion bashful.

Anyone who has ever experienced unrequited love (and I have a feeling that includes a few of us) will relate.

Speak up!

          Rose Cavanaugh was absolutely beautiful beyond words and Dom Filleri worshipped the ground she walked on. Her eyes made him laugh inwardly and although physical contact did not seem like an option, he could not wait to see her every day. As she sat in the garden she read and enjoyed the dapples of sunlight snaking their way through the leaves of the ficus trees. Her graceful white flesh peeked out at the waning sunlight as she read. Dom swore to himself that if he ever got the chance, even the slightest possibility of a chance, he was going to throw convention aside, walk right up to her, and hold her closely to his beating heart.  He would cover her lips with his own and embrace her the way only two lovers-to-be can. He was consumed by her: her voice, her smell, her warm countenance. Not a day passed without the same longing and yearning returning to remind him of his frail human condition. He was slowly, inevitably, reaching a point of no return. He had to say something or do something, anything, to let her know how he felt.  His days were filled with stolen glances and undeciphered signals, and his nights were spent bringing himself to the very precipice of physical exhaustion. Enough, he said to himself. Tomorrow it is. He was worried he would place their work relationship at risk, but one unavoidable, undeniable fact kept coursing through his body: he had to have her! As he approached, she glanced up from reading and their eyes met.

“Sister Rose? He asked. “Can I see you in the Rectory?”

“Yes, Father Dominic. I will be right there.”

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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