Mainstream Maddogg

I guess, in spite of all my efforts, I am now officially a member of the mainstream pet-loving community.

What started out as a cool gesture of offering to donate tips I make from my gigs to the local Humane Society now sees Bruiser, Murphy, and Maddogg as faces of a flyer which will be distributed in the area. Check it out:

Pretty cool.

I would never have been able to pull anything so responsible off in my youth; I was too busy dancing with The Jesters to behave so rationally.

Besides, if it didn’t give me a buzz, why bother?

But now, in spite of my appearance, old Maddogg will entertain an irrational idea, but the Dance is pretty much a slow dance.

I was really embarrassed when a friend of mine, an awesome singer named Lyndsey Ellen, asked me if the first story in my book was autobiographical. I was really taken aback with that one. I bet you could probably read the first story for free on Amazon.

Anyway, with my wife and I being such dog lovers, she was shocked at the ending.

And that’s just the first story.

I already have about two-hundred dollars to donate to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton from my first three gigs, so that is cool.

I watched Independence Day again the other day, and all of a sudden I remembered, “what about the war in Ukraine?”

Can you believe “out of sight-out of mind” and how quickly it works? We go from seeing every grainy, stark image of the desolation of war to wondering what was Robin thinking? Those shoes with that outfit?

See my post on crazy.

Man, I exhausted myself this morning after trimming about half of my front yard and the sides of the house. Not much for most people, but I was actually proud of what I was able to get done without asking Karen for assistance, which, for some reason, I just refuse to do.

I am hoping to arrange a tour of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton sometime in the near future.

Two words for you.

No kill.

Maddogg is all-in.

My leg is a bit sore today, and I probably pushed it too much with the yardwork.

This guy who is one of our nearby neighbors came by and he evidently, is a musician.


We intend to get together soon to jam. He plays banjo and standup bass, man, we’re gonna have some fun.

The sun finally broke through the cloud cover, and it is beautiful outside.

The privacy fence is about half-done and it looks cool.

Everything I see of JoJo is so negative.

Is he fucking up?

I said long ago on this blogsite that whoever was President was going to have to deal with inflation, pandemic, and then, the USSR-Ukraine war.

No-win situation.

I think there are people who honestly believe he has “lost it” and I might be an old country boy from East L.A, but if he has, replace him.

Just not with Trump.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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