The nerve of those assholes… Have you ever spoken to a human being who works for them? Of course not. There are no people in the company, only bots, whatever the hell they are, that offer series of programmed questions which brings up another subset, and another, so on. You get the picture They runContinue reading “I HATE GOOGLE!”

What Have I Missed?

I have been out of town for three blogs. Visiting family is the best. I know they continue to investigate Racquel Welch’s cause of death (COD to CSI fans) and I was sad to hear that she had been battling Alzheimer’s but finally succumbed to a cardiac arrest. What a hottie.  I thought she hadContinue reading “What Have I Missed?”


This will probably be the fastest blog I will ever type since I am so passionate about the subject. What the fuck is wrong with people? I have bragged about how nice the people out here are, and just when its safe to go into the water, an idiot has damned her soul to aContinue reading “Abandonment”

At Long Last…

With the proliferation of automatic weaponry in our schools, the national conversation has briefly turned to outrage and disbelief. And before you check to see if hell has indeed, frozen over, consider this. A politician told the truth. Faced with questions about gun control that are oft-repeated and never addressed, Congressman Pete Burchett, Republican fromContinue reading “At Long Last…”

In The Doghouse (again)

It doesn’t happen quite as much anymore, but I still find myself undergoing the silent treatment and the slow burn, even after I wisely, preemptively, apologize. I don’t take nearly as long as I used to delivering my mea culpa. That’s just wasted time. When I am wrong, I’m wrong. It only took most ofContinue reading “In The Doghouse (again)”

Don’t Get Me Started

Anyone who abandons their pets has forfeited their eternal soul to a fiery hell. And if I had any say in it, that would just be for starters. I understand that life can make it painfully necessary for some to have to surrender their furry friends, but surrender does not mean you open your carContinue reading “Don’t Get Me Started”

A Flock of Sparrows

Oh, I would like to think that we were eagles soaring high and free, but we were not. I speak very fondly of the time I spent traveling the country with my dog Chopper in an old ’65 Ford pickup I bought off my brother. It started out as just myself and my German ShorthairedContinue reading “A Flock of Sparrows”

My Take

The blurb said, “The collapse of Kamala Harris.” Collapse from what? Amidst all the shootings, the gay-bashing, and the racist police, she is the poster girl example of tokenism. Biden needed her cultural demographics. Period. End of discussion. Nikki Haley declared her candidacy for the presidency, and as soon as he stops licking his balls,Continue reading “My Take”

The Hunt for Red October

A great read by Tom Clancy and so technical that I feel he explains it well enough that I could pull a five-hundred foot long nuclear attack submarine out of dock and head to open sea. Just like in the movie, the Russians have lost a huge nuclear submarine. The headline said they lost it,Continue reading “The Hunt for Red October”

Top Secret

Now Mike Pence, the ex-Vice President, has boxes of top secret documents that he had no idea were in his possession. I know I am a little slow on the uptake, but who the hell is in charge of handing out documents crucial to the well-being of all Americans? If they are giving them toContinue reading “Top Secret”