This is one of the easiest blogs to write all year, because I feel like I literally live out the thanks I have. For being born in my family. For travelling around the world and embracing and being embraced by different peoples. For learning that pain is universal and inescapable. For meeting the different markersContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Be Kind Yesterday

 I am so ripped I just realized that TODAY Saturday, November 13th is World Kindness Day 2021. I am thinking back on how I was kind today. I did a lot of extra work around the house and being kind to Karen earns big dividends, although I am a pretty good partner as far asContinue reading “Be Kind Yesterday”


I don’t give a hot damn what the local weather forecasters say about this “unseasonably warm weather we are having”, I say it is cold. I know, I’m a weather weenie. I get it. With today’s temperature climbing to almost (gasp!) sixty degrees, I was in my sweats and long sleeves. I barely made it.Continue reading Brrrrr!”


So it is about six o’clock and my two doggies are getting restless. There is a small elementary school about a block away and we take the boys there to run in the large fields. Best on the weekends, but after school, it is an awesome dog run. I love watching the two knuckleheads runningContinue reading “Privacy”


As we prepare to enter our new home, the subject of fencing has been an ongoing concern. In Arizona, we had cinder block walls to keep the dogs at bay, but out here, wood and vinyl are seen everywhere. I like the looks of western wooden posts and fences, except that they wear down soContinue reading “Fencing”

Wouldn’t Be Prudent

We have offered on our second house, and we are still going back and forth with the seller about some things that we want taken care of before we close and move in. But it’s looking good. One thing I learned from my big brother (among a plethora of things) was this: The word unspokenContinue reading “Wouldn’t Be Prudent”


Years ago, (31 to be exact), I would on occasion make the trip down I-75 from Toledo to Cincinnati. Cincy is where Karen was born and grew up to age 18. Now, I know things change over time, but I am totally blown away by how big the city of Dayton has grown, and IContinue reading “Dayton”


I just got to meet Karen’s niece and nephews today. They are the offspring of younger sister Kris and her husband Allan. High school sweethearts. Allan is the rock. A father who has raised three highly intelligent critical thinkers who are a joyous mix of ambition and passion, while maintaining a sense of wonder inContinue reading “Family”


Pulled into Amarillo about 6 pm and checked in. Finally, a hotel which was good on their 1st-floor room to accommodate my ADA requirements. Beautiful clean room with all the amenities and only a few feet from the side entrance for easy loading and unloading. Big bonus points. And another thing that I am sureContinue reading “Amarillo”