Embarrassed? I think not.

I have been very busy the last few days and I am finalizing my playlist for my 8-11 gig tomorrow night at Woolly’s Watering Hole in Franklin, OH.

I’ll give away a couple books and T-shirts so as to leave a small footprint for a possible return gig.

Why should I be embarrassed?

I have not posted any blogs the last three days and my blog is the busiest it has been since I started it two and a half years ago.

I stopped in for a short set at the Lucky Star Brewery Open Mic as is my usual, when I don’t have any prior gigs. The people there are the best. I got to see my friends Lyndsey Ellen and Tony Lay do their thing. They are going to be some bomb act when they get more songs under their belt. I love listening to them.

My friend Sarah Denny was playing her uke and she is getting better. She already has a kick-ass mellow voice.

So, what I love about all the recent views I am getting is they are checking out my past blogs (this is the 565th!).

Thanks very much!

So it is Gen Z’s turn to take on the mantle of how society will move forward in this country.

There is no choice.

You must have faith and confidence that somehow, some way, they will find a way to start electing the type of candidates that will put the people first.


As far as the current state of affairs, it is going to be more of the same even after JoJo leaves office. If anyone thinks otherwise, what planet are you from?

Oh, there might be a few more malapropisms and diplomatic blunders, but we will still remain the Best of the Rest, or that is what the U.S. Government would have us believe.

The recent Fed rate hike is cooling off the housing market, and hopefully the trickle-down might reach those people struggling to rent and pay off other peoples’ mortgages.

I rented until all the way up to when I got married and we moved from Oklahoma to Phoenix.

I gave one of my Maddogg t-shirts to one of the bartenders at the Lucky Star with the promise he will wear it every shift he works.

Advertising expense.

Is Kamala Harris as stupid as she is being portrayed, or is she just this generations’ Spiro Agnew?

Think about that.

We had a rusty, old fifty-gallon barrel that caught the rain water from the roof of our house in Japan.

I used to have Ant Olympics every day.

There were both kinds of ants with hills in our yard: the big black ants and the little red ants. Anyone will tell you to stay away from the red ones.

I would put each ant on the same side of the barrel and put them in the water to swim. It didn’t matter if they made it all the way across, they would end up at the bottom of the barrel.

Dumbass little kid.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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