As soulmate to a strong woman, I am deeply offended at anything that offends her. To characterize the recent overturn of Roe v Wade as offensive is offensive to the word offensive. (see what I did there?)

You can make lists ‘til the cows come home, but I just want the names of all of the women who supported this. It left the realm of common sense long ago, and hello politics. All it reveals is the cold, hard fact that women can and are affected with the same greed and lust for power as men are.

The stupor provided by the terms election and re-election are just too great a weight to bear.

For any politician, male or female.

I wrote last week that this mythical “change” that everyone is asking for is now on the shoulders of the younger voting public. It’s now their world geopolitically speaking, and I am taking a very laissez-faire posture because, quite frankly, I have been alive long enough now to have heard this all before.

Civil rights.

It took more than votes to fight the endemic racism in our country; it took more than civil disobedience.

It required bloodshed. Unfortunately, we are taking a bit longer than God had planned for us to start treating each other as human beings.


Because nothing else worked. We lost our ability to solve our problems with reason. The same-said lack of ability was on display on Jan. 6th. I don’t even watch any coverage of the Jan. 6th hearings. On any channel.

First of all, the Republicans aren’t even listening. They have made up their minds long ago that they were going to go along with Trump to the bitter end. Just another indicator of a country polarized by fear, ignorance, and lawlessness.

Think Germany circa 1937.

Time passes and as usual, stories that dominated our worldview are getting smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.

The war in Ukraine?

Did it happen or is it another Capricorn One?

I truly hope the women in this country do not let this Supreme Court decision in any way slow their fierce response.
It is more than a legal decision.

It is a huge step backward for the greatest country on Earth.


Now, for the next two years, we will start hearing proactive lies disguised as seeds of discontent, and there will be a great deal of support for them.

The American Way.

I am interested to see just how much progress I have time left to witness in my glorious lifetime. As a country of a couple thousand years old, we have barely moved the needle, so even ONE small change, ONE elected official, or ONE piece of legislation might just be the start and the impetus for actual progress.

That’s how it starts.

These are some lyrics to a song I wrote called Take it or Leave it:

They say the game of Life gets colder

Staying young while growing older

Trying to make some sense out of Love

Shootin’ pool and singing songs

I’m back on top

But not for long

Never cared to right the wrongs in this Life.

So you can plainly see, I am not the answer.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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