The Colors of Our Lives

How boring this world would be if it were monochromatic.

The Republicans would like everything red.

The Democrats want everything blue.

How boring a world with no other colors, no other voices, no other viewpoints.

I think there are too many people being let into this country.

There I said it.

We need to stop, take stock of where we are as a country, and use critical thinking and research to determine if we are able to take care of others before serving the people of the United States.

It is very obvious we are not.

And I am not just picking on Joe Biden. I said in this blog long ago that whoever was elected in 2020 would fail.

Put Trump in there.

Won’t matter. Oh, he might have a few more malapropisms and political embarrassments, but it will still be the same old shit circus and fodder for late night television talk shows.

The more things change…

What happened to working together to solve our problems?

What is Jill Biden doing to earn her salary?

I do not sleep well if I think who will be running this country if JoJo doesn’t wake up one morning.


When people like Kamala Harris (relax; not prejudice at work) sit near the very top of the political world, THE SYSTEM does not to be changed; it needs to be completely destroyed and rebuilt.

From the inside out.

From the heart.

Another story about several idiots who were charged at by a buffalo recently in Yellowstone National Park.

I completely understand.

If they euthanize anyone, it should be the brain-dead park rangers (think Ranger Smith from the Yogi Bear cartoons) for not keeping intrusive, loser, fuckheads (how do you really feel about them maddogg?) from trudging their way where they are not wanted.

Age and the loss of limb won’t prevent me from defending (to the death) my family or property. Try coming around my house uninvited, with nefarious intent, and you too, can leave this sphere of existence earlier than expected.

I remember the movie Colors that came out in 1988. It was a Hollywood look at glamorizing gang life in south central L.A. where I was born. It had kids with names like Kyle and Devin wearing red or blue bandanas and calling everyone “Holmes.”

What a joke.

I knew a dude who was a gang member.

He wasn’t glamorous.

Or colorful.

But I had no doubt in my mind that he would kill me if provoked.

I didn’t provoke him.

I fully admit that my sheltered early existence contained no automatic rifles and the colors that concerned me were the blue, red, green and yellow marshmallows in my Lucky Charms.

If you go to a national park, you don’t have to go wandering off where you are not wanted (which is pretty much anywhere in the park).

Use binoculars.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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