Independence Day

We waited all year for it and here we are.

The day that we celebrate, as a nation, our independence from tyranny, oppression, and ignorance.

I would say we’re at two-for-three so far.

July 4th used to mean hamburgers, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream.

And fireworks.

Now, it has changed to Wimbledon tennis, golf, and of course, the movie Independence Day. We will see numerous shots of Arlington National cemetery and all of the mini American flags waving over fields of dead heroes.

We will see the stars and stripes worn on every piece of clothing, jewelry, and plastered on every open space until Tuesday.

July 5th.

I accepted a return gig to a nursing home and sent off my requisite invite to Robin Meade to see if she will finally show up.

Karen doesn’t think she will.

July also means only two more months until the college football season begins. Here in the Midwest, every direction you turn you can find college or professional teams.

I don’t feel sorry for people who are having issues travelling by air.

Don’t fly.


Maddogg did it again.

Problem solved.

I like how the airline oligarchy acts all beaten and downtrodden one minute when talking about the pandemic’s everlasting effects on air travel.

The only thing everlasting is the greed and the inflexible posturing when trying to do business with airlines with no ears.

They aren’t fooling anybody.

They must be providing wonderful first-class working conditions because it appears that there are way too many pilots applying for work.

Don’t get me started.


They can’t keep the planes they have in the air, much less even entertain the notion of expanding routes and hubs.

Another casualty of the pandemic and its everlasting effects on life going forward. They are making money hand-over-fist and if things start to get a little precipitous, they merely put a hand out for another handout from the weak-ass U.S. government.

And they’ll get it.

Sometimes I fear for the future of this country, but then I am buoyed when I see parents teaching their kids the true meaning of the July 4th holiday.

Being in a military family, the holiday took on a larger role in my life as I, at one time, was consumed with the idea of becoming a fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier. A few things I have learned about independence:

  1. It’s only right if it is what the people want.
  2. Not everybody wants it.
  3. It is not an inalienable right.

You can only truly appreciate independence once it has been taken away from you.

Maddogg is not proposing chaos; I am a big law and order guy.

Sometimes politicians propose such stupid things like the recent Roe v Wade decision. They waste their time on flotsam and jetsam swimming in LGBTQ alphabet soup, while ignoring what they should do, regardless of how it might affect their chances of reelection.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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