Now, we’ll be going over several notable examples on this subject in this blog. Now there are baseballs, all other athletic sports’ balls, and then there are the balls it takes to stand in the face of certain death and tell a certain Russian warship commander exactly what he could do to himself as aContinue reading “Balls”

Bound and Determined

What the hell kind of expression is that? “Bound and determined”. What? You are tied up, but determined to free yourself? Lame. “Come hell or high water.” Who came up with that? Someone in a flood zone most likely. I still don’t get it. You are going to do something whether you face the firesContinue reading “Bound and Determined”

Small Potatoes

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big first amendment guy and of course I believe in free speech. For every voice on the planet, but somebody PLEASE stick a sock in the misguided mouth of Marjorie Greene. Turn the page. Challenge all the amendments you want. You are ineligible for re-election. Get over yourself.Continue reading “Small Potatoes”

Hanging Tough

It took Adolf Hitler twenty-six days to force Poland to surrender. It has been twenty-one and counting for Ukraine and BabyHead Putin. When I grow up, I want to be a rich Ukrainian. Living in America. I think there are too many TV and movie options thanks to all the streaming services who not onlyContinue reading “Hanging Tough”


Not only one of the greatest sports stories ever made into film, but here come the Hoosiers of War. Ukraine. Whatever happens from this point on and I can only unfortunately think it will be terrible for the Ukrainians, they have shown that you don’t fuck around with their country. Except in the movie, theContinue reading “Hoosiers”

You Can’t Say They Didn’t Warn Us

It has been going on for months now as things have now escalated to the point Jo-Jo has warned us that war is “imminent.” No shit.   Glad you know it. I don’t see he has much of a choice in the matter; I don’t think any president would have a choice placed in theContinue reading “You Can’t Say They Didn’t Warn Us”

Go You Reds!

I can’t help it. The one sports team that I will follow as often as I am able is the Manchester United Football Club. Ever since I watched Georgie Best, the mercurial striker for United beat Geoff Hurst and West Ham in 1967, I have been a loyal maniac for the lads whenever and whereverContinue reading “Go You Reds!”

Q is for Quandary

Which is where I am on several issues. Like watching the Middle East meltdown and laughing as that rascally rascal Putin keeps on pulling Jo-Jo’s strings while China outright threatens what will amount to Global Thermonuclear War. Sound familiar? It is the game that Matthew Broderick played against the WOPR computer in War Games. ExceptContinue reading “Q is for Quandary”

Out With the Old

Everything has a useful life. Products. People. Animals. We just witnessed a microcosm with the recent NFL playoff games. The Old Guard  were represented by the sports’ standard bearer Tom Brady and the best quarterback not named Tom Brady, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. The Young Guns were represented by their standard bearer PatrickContinue reading “Out With the Old”

I Did it Again

Once again, my mad computer skills. Not only did I not post my 403rd blog yesterday, I somehow deleted it entirely from my computer. So here’s a few observations: Enough with commercials showing people loading up ten pounds of food on a plate made of pressed paper, only to see the food spill all overContinue reading “I Did it Again”