The Cardiologist

I went to him today and I like him.

He is a no-bullshit, here’s the situation, here’s what we’re gonna do about it type of guy. I have seven stents keeping the blood flowing in my chest and one stent in my left carotid artery. He was amazed that I haven’t been on a blood thinner since checking out of the hospital that performed the surgery after my massive heart attack.

I am now on Jardiance. So now seven total medications. I really hate adding on to my list of meds, but the reality is that from this point (68) on, I will probably be adding a couple more if I live long enough.

It could be worse.

 I could be in a country that did not have the unbridled greed of our pharmaceutical industry. I could be where there are no CVS’s, no prescriptions, only the agonizingly slow wait for death to replace the destitution.

What a lovely thought on a Thursday.

Every day I see news of another rock star taking the final fade-out. It is impossible to place a monetary value on music that has influenced you throughout your lifetime. We all have our songs that are on our favorites playlist and they are our companions through the entire gamut of emotions:

When you are dumped by a girl for the very first time in your life:

Please Call Home          The Allman Brothers

When you want to party and get loud:

Whammer Jammer          The J. Geils Band

When you have to get your ass up on the dance floor NOW!

Last Dance          Donna Summer

When you want to eat Ecstasy and get lost in the soft folds of a futon with your girlfriend:

Your Song          Elton John

For the best slow dance song, look no further than George Michael singing Just One More Try.

When I play Paul Jones’ Every Time You Go Away, and Don’t Dream its Over by Crowded House, same thing. I would much rather be holding Karen and swaying instead of playing the songs.

When you are totally amped up out of your mind and you are struggling with the decision to either try and catch a two-hour nap before work, or whether to lay out a couple more lines:

I’m Going Home          Alvin Lee & Ten Years After

The last song before firing up the last fatty of the day:

Stairway to Heaven          Led Zeppelin

The first song of the day:

Feelin’ Groovy          Simon and Garfunkel

When all you want to do is get lost in memories and alcohol:

You’re Still on My Mind          George Jones

We are going to a concert later this month and for the first time ever, I feel I need to let a family member know where we are going. In today’s climate, any gathering seems precipitous.

We have to make sure our little Cocker Spaniels are taken care of.

Stay cool in this heat wave of late, and keep checking out my blog.

It is greatly appreciated.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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