I Thought I Heard it All

Keystone. Car 54 Where are you? Uvalde. The police shot and killed a double amputee. Not the athletic, mobile type running on two prosthetic limbs. No. Stumps. He was trying to run away on his stumps. They caught him by walking. He did, however, have a butcher knife he was wielding, so, according to theContinue reading “I Thought I Heard it All”

Just Let Go

Brilliance comes in many forms… As a perk for General Managers, a four-day all-expenses resort stay on the Emerald Coast in Florida. One of the activities was deep-sea fishing. Some deep-sea fisherman hooked a large fish, presumably an Ahi Tuna which can grow up to eight feet and 200 pounds. When I told the DomesticContinue reading “Just Let Go”


Now that all ECON majors have joined the party, this has absolutely nothing to do with economics. However, if you are a good economics student, a true believer, you will come right back and tell me that everything has to do with economics. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is simply theContinue reading “TANSTAAFL”


How many years and how many lives later, a dog owner is being held accountable for a murder his unrestrained dog committed on a little girl. Dogs are not natural killers; they are taught that and I hope the owner has to suffer some horrible consequences, commensurate with the pain inflicted by his dog. IContinue reading “Finally!”

And The Beat Goes On…

Another child has left this world without getting a chance to live their life first. Shot down in Houston, Texas, a five year-old boy was killed. By an eight year-old boy. I wonder if the kid had led a rough street life of crime, if he had a lengthy rap sheet, or he was justContinue reading “And The Beat Goes On…”

I Can’t Resist

Evidently an executive from Nike was caught getting oral service from a subordinate in a gymnasium. Just do it. I know there are people who follow and read my daily blog, so didn’t you see where I wrote against going to any third-world countries? Fuck, our own country isn’t safe. What the hell made youContinue reading “I Can’t Resist”

I Like Life

I took a day off today and did absolutely nothing except check out the nursing home where my last scheduled show is on Wednesday. Traffic is thick everywhere. That goofy Marjorie Taylor Greene is declaring war on Walmart for selling sex toys. Like she doesn’t have a secret drawer full of crazy sexual shit somewhere.Continue reading “I Like Life”


In my life I substituted lies for truth. I replaced long-term meaningful relationships with loyal, loving women with meaningless one-night stands with faceless strangers. I replaced trust and safety with irresponsibility and total lack of reason. But I always knew better. And that, I believe, frustrated my parents most of all. There’s a line inContinue reading “Substitutions”

The Word Unspoken…

Is the word uneaten. My big brother taught me that at the tender age of 8. I have always spoken with grace and intellect, and others immediately gravitated towards me because I was confident and loquacious. Especially the shy kids. I don’t sugarcoat the fact that I was very much insulated to the whole ethnicityContinue reading “The Word Unspoken…”

New Friends

I had a great time performing for the Symphony @Centerville Nursing Home today. I was supposed to have three acts, but both were unable to help, so Maddogg did the 90-minute show and had a blast doing so. As always, I made a few new friends along the way including Norma, a lovely soul whoContinue reading “New Friends”