Can You Imagine?

          Cassandra Prince was a nervous wreck on her first day on the job. The new Yale whiz-kid that landed the lucrative position as law clerk for Justice Jodi Foster, had the weight of a whole lot of people on her back. As her Mom had always stressed “It’s never enough. Give more. And whenContinue reading “Can You Imagine?”

I Did it Again

Once again, my mad computer skills. Not only did I not post my 403rd blog yesterday, I somehow deleted it entirely from my computer. So here’s a few observations: Enough with commercials showing people loading up ten pounds of food on a plate made of pressed paper, only to see the food spill all overContinue reading “I Did it Again”


I can’t stand it. The idea invokes failure. Who are the idiot architects in the grocery store game who are responsible for planning out the best (most efficient) place to put in the restrooms and pharmacies? “Put them farthest away so injured and sick people have to limp their infirmed bodies all the way toContinue reading “Inefficiency”

No win situation

I’ll get this rant out of the way now, because, quite frankly, this is like going up against Iron Mike Tyson in his prime, like no way you win. As a business model, the oligarchy of pharmaceutical companies projects to well over 500 billion dollars a year, and with the global pandemic, that number isContinue reading “No win situation”