Did I hear someone say the Ukrainians are taking back their land from their sloppy, unmotivated intruders?

If ever there was a case of fucking up a war, BabyHead, Charlie Brown look-alike, Putin is a military course just waiting to be taught at West Point.

On how NOT to wage  a military campaign.

I take back many of the expletives I had for Joe Biden for what appeared to be a tardy response to the situation. I’ve said it before: it doesn’t matter who is president, they are in a no-win situation.

Trump will do a bunch of things to piss off a lot of people, and there will be some good things he will do on accident.

Whatever kinds of weapons you have been giving them, give them some more so they can continue to beat Russia’s ass.

This is going to be rated with some of the greatest upsets of all-time.

Bigger than the USA Hockey team (again beating Russia’s ass) upset.

Bigger than the Hickory Huskers winning the state championship.



Let’s call it what it is.

Just short of David versus Goliath.

Man, I liked the vibe at the open mic tonight at the Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg and I was able to sneak in a few originals with my other four songs. For dinner I had shrimp tacos with spicy hot sauce and lime. Simple. Yum.

Nobody does pomp, circumstance, and pageantry like the British.

Does anybody know what the hell pomp is?

Whatever, the regal handling of the Queen as she is shared with her subjects and the world, has been nothing short of riveting.

When I see the different uniforms, some dating back centuries, I am taken to the rolling Midlands of England. I have no problem imagining the castles, long since bereft of human activity, and the life both that contained within the walls, as well as those outside.

The people that paid all the taxes.

Man, how hard up are they for news?

Giving King Charles III crap about his particular list of demands that he requires his staff to perform.

It doesn’t matter if he wants to smoke a blunt, snort an eight-ball, and party with a couple of hookers, he’s the King.

He can do what the fuck he wants.

End of story.

 I truly believe if I were a king, I would take full advantage.


I am going to go watch Lenny and Ed Green walk the streets of New York in Law and Order.

Now I know I might just an old country boy (from East L.A), but I think this show, as most shows, portrays the cops as too honest and stalwart. I don’t give a damn if they are alcoholics or drug users as long as when it comes time to deliver pain, they are first in line to let the criminals suffer.

See, I don’t mind one bit if a cop gives a little “what fer” to a perp (see, I’m talking like a New York detective).

Especially if he deserves it.

If they resisted arrest and made you run, or even worse, if they assaulted you, well, then, I could see a little extra somethin’ in their Christmas stocking if you get my drift.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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