Playing Out

It is truly one of the most fun things in all the world, so I packed up my guitar and headed north to Dayton to the Dublin Pub.

Very cool place and I knew the host, a local player who is a very cool dude and great player. It turns out I knew three or four of the guys who showed up, so there was a nice crowd early, and after diners left, there was still a pretty active bar and about five or six tables, so all in all, a great turnout, and a full sign-up sheet.

I actually went to this open mic AFTER I played a few songs at the Lucky Star Brewery open mic, hosted by Tony “T-Bird” Lay. The Lucky Star is my favorite spot in Miamisburg, and I have a gig there on the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, the 25th, so I will have to get creative to scare up a crowd, but I am undaunted.

Tonight, at the Lucky Star Brewery, I got the 7:30 slot. I did Roller Derby Queen by Jim Croce, followed by I Found Someone of my Own by a group called Free Movement. I then did a song I wrote in 1989 called Friends, a rock ballad. I finished with a rousing rendition of Tom Petty’s American Girl.

I am so embarrassed because I had a very nice young lady take pix of me tonight, and I told her I would mention her in my blog.

So what do I do?

I forgot her name.

So I sort of mentioned her.

I headed to the Dublin Pub and had to settle for the fourth slot, so I ate some chicken tenders and let me tell you.

Chicken tenders, short for tenderloins, are the small piece of meat that traverses the underside of the breast, and supposedly, is the most tender piece of chicken. Well, they must have some fifty-pound chickens running around Ohio, because, even with the breading, there had to be at least a pound of meat in the four tenders in my order.

No wonder everyone out here is huge.

So, I take the stage after 9 pm and they limited us to three songs.

I did Signs by the Five Man Electrical Band and later, Tesla.

I did Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare, my own love song to my wife, and then I finished up with American Girl, since it rocked the house the first time tonight.

It worked.

I had a good set, and lots of positive feedback, evidenced by the drunkest girl in the bar, I mean falling-down drunk, blowing me kisses and dancing her ass off, and stumbling, on the dance floor in front of the stage.

My kind of girl.

I was also able to get commitments from two more local entertainers to help perform charity Christmas shows at nursing homes and rehab centers with me.

I can now breathe easier, because I want these shows to go smoothly, as we raise money for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

Check out these pics from both the Lucky Star and the Dublin Pub tonight:

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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