Ever since we moved to southern Ohio, I am turning into a real cornball. I leave my left arm free when I slowly drive through my neighborhood. So I can do the “neighbor wave” in case one of my peeps throw me a wave as I make it home. I eat at Bob Evans sometimes.Continue reading “Corny”


Welcome. To Japan. We flew out of San Francisco on a Pan Am jet and that was quite the adventure for a six-year old. Despite my youth I still remember noticing the shapely legs of the stewardesses in their distinctive outfits. It was a long flight and I remember leaving at around 11am and weContinue reading “Yokoso”


Just left my Doctor’s office. Great news. Because my A1C bloodwork came back at 6.6. It is the lowest A1C I have ever recorded. To tell the truth (since I lied all those years before), I was surprised it was that low. I mean, the test measures your average blood sugar levels over a periodContinue reading “Attitude”