Everywhere you look…problems.

Here’s a few solutions…

“I kill people everywhere I go,” says a madman arrested for murders in Ohio and New Mexico.

That’s a problem.

Solution: don’t let him go anywhere. Put him in a prison camp and throw away the key. Better yet…

Kids are getting killed in our schools…

That’s a problem.

Solution: Undercover students and teachers packing heat and just waiting for some douchebag to try something.

In the it’s-not-just-Americans category, the Balkan River flowing through Bosnia-hurts-to-go-in-there, has become a putrid floating garbage dump.

That is a problem.

Solution: just stop.

Problem: “Man reportedly shoots and kills suspect trying to carjack his girlfriend outside Florida bar.”

Move along.

No problem here.

Problem: A gay couple charged with molesting their adopted sons, also pimped them out to pedophile ring.”

Solution: Stop pointing out sexual proclivities when describing suspects. They don’t say so and so, a straight person, did…

Oh yeah, part of the solution would be to kill those two clowns.

They face nine life sentences for their actions.

I hope they run consecutively…

“LA teen who plowed car into mom walking her baby in stroller shot dead”

Keep moving.

No problem here.

Problem: People are not satisfied and are often heard saying. “it’s not my country anymore.”

Solution: Get the fuck out and by all means, go where you are happy.

A manager calls out a cheap bastard for only tipping 6% on a 600.00 order. This is fine as long as his family realizes what a piece of shit loser their father (if he really IS their father) is.

Good for the manager.

I have done the same thing for my servers.

If you are so unsophisticated as to not understand the basics of rewarding excellent customer service, call DoorDash and stay at home. Then you can deal with the saliva of your driver whom you shafted on the tip.

Quit picking on George Santos. Boy just emulated his idol DJT and saw his lies sent him to the pinnacle: the U.S. presidency.

Say what you want.

It worked.

Boy is a U.S. State Representative.

Defrocked shyster Elizabeth Holmes has access to private jets, unlimited resources, and faces several months in a cushy country club for criminals for being a slimy thief.

She is a flight risk.




Maddogg did it again.

I knew watching all fifty seasons of Law and Order would pay off some day.

The Russians are throwing up a smoke screen by making it appear they are stockpiling weapons and recruiting troops to elongate their official Ukraine embarrassment.

First of all, the troops they already have don’t want to continue the fiasco, so how motivated will BabyHead Putin’s second-stringers do?

It is nice to see countries bickering over who will send what as far as military aid to Ukraine. A couple months ago, you couldn’t get anyone to help, including the mighty USA.

Can you say World War III?

Time to build a fire and settle in for some football…

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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