I Know I Shouldn’t

I know better.

But I can’t stop a smile from taking over my face when I hear of an  armed criminal being terminated by an honest citizen who lawfully stopped anyone else (aka non-criminals) from being harmed at the gas station and should get a raise as far as I am concerned..

The world is a better place without that larcenous individual.

Thank you.

Our wonderful neighbors to the north are not without their share of thieves; a Canadian accountant was ordered to repay over 2700.00 because her employer tracked her time and busted the lazy asshole.

This is one of the lowest level of criminal there is.

At least poor, disadvantaged people have a much greater need, not that it mitigates crime at all, but college-educated people who commit crimes should be handled with the same zeal as any criminal.

But here in America, we don’t need justice.

We have money.

If you have money, you will get whatever form of justice you require.

See how that works?

That’s why Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is still out free after being convicted of four counts of fraud from ripping off investors. So we know you don’t need a penis to be convicted of fraud.

Good to know.

What a lowlife.

If you can’t do better than four out of eleven charges, two words for you…

Tax evasion.

They all do it, especially sleazy people like Holmes.

I met a nee’r-do-well  in Las Vegas who used to bring me things he stole. He was a real likeable guy, about twenty-five years old, but almost completely bald already. He had a David Crosby-like walrus mustache that was bright red, almost scarlet.

Talk about stories.

His name was Dancer.

Like the reindeer.

I always let him in for a visit whenever he called, and was sure to benefit from his stop. We had to “try” whatever weed or drugs he was selling. I had purchased a huge stereo setup from him with two 250-watt speaker towers that he told me he got from “railroad salvage.”

Enough said.

I always purchased something from him. This time it was five vials of pharmaceutical Lysergic acid Diethylamide that I paid him ten bucks and an old guitar I had lying around my apartment.

I still have the fancy gold-lettered purple British Royal Pharmaceuticals box that the vials came in, but here is the real story.

I used one of the vials that was designated as a 2x, so I am thinking double strength, right?

Hell no.

I ended up awake, laughing, and suddenly believing I had some sort of treasure (the remaining four vials) that I was somehow sworn to death to protect and keep safe until it was needed for the safety of all mankind.

Talk about an outrageous trip.

I know we talk about the perils and just plain wrong drinking and driving thing, but drinking and tripping is a whole other thing.

I had to reconstruct the rest of that day from friends and evidently I went several places including a parade (how do you forget a parade?).

I lost my box and I spent an entire year retracing what I thought were my steps in an effort to find that liquid gold.

I knew I shouldn’t.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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