Building a Playlist

We got a two-hour practice in and we are adding to our playlist.

I will list what we have so far and then I’m stoked to show you my new song titled Lunchtime Assassin. I mean no disrespect at all to the field of education, having happily worked in that arena for fourteen years. When the band nails them, I will definitely post a vid.

Here’s my thoughts on being a front man at my age, in my condition:

My voice now is remarkably different than it was when I fronted the Baby Beatles in 1967. I don’t think it had fully changed yet.

So we will be limited as to what songs we play as to what songs I can sing. Unless it is screech time or Neil Young, I can usually do OK.

Here is what we have played together, worked on, or fully practiced so far:

Johnny B. Goode                     Chuck Berry

Old Time Rock and Roll           Bob Seger

Katmandu                                Bob Seger

Breakfast is Over                      Sad Girl

Crossfire                                  Stevie Ray Vaughn

Look at Little Sister                  Stevie Ray Vaughn

Lie to Me                                 Johnny Lang

Love in Vain                            Robert Johnson

Stormy Monday                       Allman Brothers

Plus add five more songs  I wrote, three of them in the last week alone.

That leaves 11 more to add to be ready to start gigging.

We are having a practice on Saturday and I will set up my PA. I am stoked to be able to play both my acoustic-electric and my electric.

I’ve been taking it easy on the weed as I do when I am pulling lead vocals. When I was young and had major chops, I seem to remember being able to smoke and drink as much as I wanted and never worrying about fucking up onstage.

Not now.

The Domestic Despot Osama bin Karen told me that was a little thing called reality.

Why I oughta……

We also have to go about deciding on what to call our as yet drummer-less band.

If you have any suggestions, I’ll run them by the boys.

The nursing home I was to perform at tomorrow had to last-minute cancel due to a covid outbreak in the home.

We rescheduled to May.

I’m working with our lead guitarist John to put some finishing touches to it. We work well together, which is what we were checking for in our last practice, because I’ve been in enough bands to know a tight band makes tight music.

Here’s the new song I promised; kinda punk.

Lunchtime Assassin

Verse 1

I buried you on Monday

Killed you on Wednesday

Took your sister out

To the prom on Friday

I’m not the right shape

I’m not the right size

And I’ve got nothing but

Vengeance in my eyes tonight

Verse 2

Mass hysteria

In the cafeteria

Mail-order murder for

Pennies on the dollar

A two-week wait

A little state tax

Death will be

Delivered to my door today


I’m a Lunchtime Assassin

Payback is the only way

I’m a lunchtime Assassin

Welcome to your last day

Verse 3

You laughed with all the others

At me and my brothers

Tec-9 casings on the classroom floor

Look all the flowers

Look at all the tears

Look at all the faces

Covered with fear


Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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