The More Things Stay the Same

Mass shooting number one thirty-one just came and went in Tennessee at a private Christian elementary school.

That’s 132 in the first three months of the year.

We are always claiming some sort of political-moral supremacy and we go out on a daily basis looking every bit like Lord of the Flies is the American Way.

So let’s compare the low standard of the clowns of the Uvalde Police Department with how the officers of the Nashville Police Department handle their mass shooting.

In Uvalde, the shooter entered the school unabated. One hour and seventeen minutes later, the gunman was eliminated. There were three hundred and seventy total police officers involved.

In Nashville, the shooter blasted their way through the windows and doors with automatic gunfire, Fourteen minutes later, the gunman was eliminated. There were a hell of a lot less passive cowards here than in Uvalde.

The dizzy reporter was struggling to find words for this latest tragedy.

I’ve got a few words for you.

How about “commonplace,” “preventable,” or “total horseshit?”

I get so mad about stories like this and we don’t even have children of our own.

This isn’t even a red or blue issue; at least it shouldn’t be.

It’s a human issue.

My girl Liz Warren making a Freudian slip in a recent speech. I wish she would run for president. With the group of fuck-ups and knuckleheads currently “leading” our country, how bad could she be?

I keep hearing stories emanating from Russia about that little Charlie Brown lookalike Putin that he is being endangered by his own countrymen who have apparently had enough of his ineptitude. The big problem I see with that, is that usually, a few days after a story like this, bodies start to disappear from the face of the planet.



Couldn’t believe it when I saw that the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain will be closing its doors this year. I worked for the company in their heyday and it was a great job.

Any all-time list of tearjerkers that doesn’t include Terms of Endearment and On Golden Pond is to be ignored as rubbish pure and simple.

Kim Jong-un, that crazy bastard, says he has an underwater nuclear drone that can weaponize the oceans by causing radioactive tsunamis. I don’t put anything past him, Putin, or the Putin-wannabe, Trump.

I couldn’t resist.

I clicked on a slide show that told me how I would die in my age group. It says age 65-74 my most likely cause of death will be heart disease. Since only two short years ago, at age 65+ I suffered a massive heart attack, requiring eight stents to keep blood flowing through my body, they may be on to something. It also says I am sedentary, but I am still performing charity shows as well as I just started forming a blues-rock band, and as soon as we can get a drummer, we will be playing out.

With the life I have led, I am on thankful time in my sphere of existence.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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