You absolutely, positively can’t live without it. There is nothing more valuable.

So why the romance in movies with so much bloodshed?

You can debate when it all started, but for my generation there was nothing more shockingly violent and bloody than when Director Sam Peckinpah released The Wild Bunch and their wanton ways.

It seems like today, there are violent films everywhere. I guess Tarantino is the next step up from my generation,

You don’t hear the argument about violence in movies causing kids to become criminals anymore.

With everything else available to influence children, movies are small-time.

Have you seen the video games kids play?

Talk about violence.

How does that conversation go anyway when you are trying to raise your child properly?

“Johnnie, you understand that you don’t do the things that you are playing on the game, right?

“It’s just make believe.”

Violent films don’t make me want to go out somewhere and be violent.

It only takes one word to sober up from that thought.


I get tired watching violent movies.

Violence is often measured by the number of bodies affected, but what about disaster movies?

Talk about violence.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, I have lived through two tornadoes, three hurricanes and a typhoon.

It is scary as hell when you see the destruction and the power of Mother Nature as houses are torn apart, some lifted completely off the ground.

The typhoon I referenced was in Japan and the roofs there were made of tin and corrugated steel, so once they were airborne, it was like having a thousand razor blades whipping around.

Now, you either have a tendency to violent actions or you do not.

We all have violent actions inside us; it is whether or not we take it to the next level of engagement.

I do not consider myself a violent person, despite the violent things I have been involved with.

I can count the number of actual fights I have been involved in on one hand.

I don’t count one-punch “lessons” taught to unruly lads.

I actually was delivered one from the school bully which was avenged when a surprise visit from my big brother resulted in a very tough lesson delivered and learned.

The hard way.

I somehow always found myself in the role of defender of those who would not, or could not, defend themselves.

I hate bullies. Still do.

I am fearless going into any fight.

My face has long ago been disfigured by the abnormalities of life. Scars caused by injury, in my case that happened a lot, usually related to trying too hard in athletics.

So, rule number one of getting into a fight. You never fear the pretty boy college kid. No matter how big they are, they will always stop short of getting in real trouble. The guy you want to watch out for is the dirty, smelly guy who has nothing to lose. A guy where jail would be a step up from his current state. That fucker will fight to the death, so you’d better be prepared to put in the extra mile with him.

Here is a song I do in my wake and bake sessions.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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