Wacky World

A British teacher had an affair with his student, married her, and had two children with her. So what was his punishment for what in America might be considered felony charges? Well, he faced no jail time. He paid no fines. His name was removed from the Teaching Registry. Ouch. Hard cheese. His ass wouldContinue reading “Wacky World”


Just when we thought it was getting safer to get back in the water with the sharks, this Omicron variant comes over and starts raising hell. We just surpassed the 800k mark for U.S. covid deaths. I don’t mean to be a buzzkill by any means, so what about this story about a fake hitContinue reading “Nuggets”


You absolutely, positively can’t live without it. There is nothing more valuable. So why the romance in movies with so much bloodshed? You can debate when it all started, but for my generation there was nothing more shockingly violent and bloody than when Director Sam Peckinpah released The Wild Bunch and their wanton ways. ItContinue reading “Blood”

Big Wind

Today’s post continues on with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! The preface for the letter “N” and a short story titled Powerless illustrating the emotion needy. Let me know… The title of my short story is another emotion which I find frightening…an inability to control your circumstances. Power beyond yourContinue reading “Big Wind”