Fire Season

It seems like every year we hear of more and more large forest fires.

Don’t get me started about the fools that start them; they are damaged and not to be considered part of the census.

No, I am talking about the deforestation of our planet.

I know, I know, some fires are naturally going to occur, but there seem to be fewer and fewer forest areas to burn.

Yes, I saw the ad for some company claiming that they plant (enter falsehood here) amount of trees for every tree they cut down, but these trees take 100 years to grow to the size that they are now, so they are running a century late on the stewardship initiatives. Besides, when they are big enough, a different asshole will cut them down prematurely anyway.

Oh yeah, and plant another hundred saplings.

Here’s a thought.

You are eliminating living area for thousands of species which will be extinct by year’s end.

Including Homo sapiens.

People live there.

No one has the right to displace any of them from their homes.

You say “progress?”

I say, “fuck you.”

You are doing nothing but showing a lack of respect for this planet and her resources. There are far more people who believe in stewardship and nurturing and protecting nature than there are greedy bastards that rape the land indiscriminately for progress and profit.

I am at total peace in the mountains. I know it sounds silly, but I think God can hear me a little better up there. But is there any better feeling than waking up in the mountains after a peaceful night?

I stayed a week up in the San Francisco Peaks wilderness, which consisted mainly of White Aspens. I didn’t even need a lantern at night because the trees fully lit my immediate campsite. I just returned from Mammoth Mountain and we will hit a few peaks on our trip out east next month.

I am looking forward to checking out all the trees and greenery our new home will offer, and I am laughing already at how my two little spoiled Arizona puppies are going to handle the rain and snow.

The appraiser just left, and when we checked our mail this morning, the new buyer is already receiving mail at this address, so I guess they will definitely be buying our little domicile.

Better news is my left knee is almost completely healed so I can put my prosthetic leg back on.

It has been hell having to watch my wife do everything. I can take care of the non-physical: phone calls, mail, email, folding clothes, but not a whole lot more. She doesn’t know it yet, but I will be rewarding her with a trip to go see her sister in New Jersey. She also wants to return to Canada so we have that to look forward to.

I am writing furiously to have a few extra posts for when we are on the road and things inevitably will come up.

Please take care of our planet.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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