At Long Last

Wow, it has been what, an entire week I have been without my “medicine”? I did not want to resort to interstate drug trafficking by bringing out some medical marijuana from Arizona.

In order to make my purchase, I had to drive out to BFE. I know I’ve alluded to many out-of-the-way places as being in BFE, but this dispensary is where you get lost when you are in BFE.

Who am I kidding?

Being out for seven days, I would have driven to the moon.

Jk. I don’t have the jones I seemed to carry far too long after adolescence (into my senior years).

Not anymore.

Don’t ask the Domestic Despot.

She’ll tell the truth.

But I will not lie. That first hit of Platinum OG Kush checking it at a respectable 25.1% THC, was money.

Amazingly, my appetite instantly picked up. Everything tastes delicious so I consume copious amounts at all hours of the day or night. I’ve even eaten bread.

And then I go to sleep.

And yes, I will die if I continue doing so.

But I won’t.

Colors appear brighter and more colorful, and I can hear the smallest of inaudible-to-everyone-but-me sounds. I swear I heard the sound of a squirrel blinking his eyes this morning.

My own sense of anthropomorphism extended to a gaggle of geese. A big gaggle, I guess, as gaggles go. I thought for just a second, that I could hear one goose talking to the other, but even I had trouble believing that one.

No, I wasn’t stoned.

I had refused to eat this horrible-tasting deli sad-excuse-for-a-processed roast beef- sandwich, and I swore to Karen that it would be a cold day in hell, before I ever put that atrocity near my mouth. But last night it was Kobe Beef Carpaccio.


One of our day trips brought us to the campus of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, Karen’s first university. Even though it is three weeks away, I got a fair share of bugeyes over my ND license plate holder.

As if.

I’m proud of myself for not writing one word about the idiots on BOTH sides in Washington D.C. and their failure to work together.


So as we await the closing of the second house we offered, we have taken a few day trips in southern Ohio, and it is gorgeous.

A very big deal in Mason, Ohio are the tennis tournaments that attract world-class players. They were really hurt by the loss of Novak Djokovic as he skipped to prepare for the looming U.S. Open.

The weather has held up remarkably well so far, but I remember how weather speeds up after summer ends (slick transition to the weather. Bob over to you…), but after the last 19 ½ years in the desert, I think that by the time I get tired of the colder weather, I’ll probably be Up There.

High up on a wall on a list of the people going to hell.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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