Wouldn’t Be Prudent

We have offered on our second house, and we are still going back and forth with the seller about some things that we want taken care of before we close and move in.

But it’s looking good.

One thing I learned from my big brother (among a plethora of things) was this: The word unspoken is the word uneaten.

In other words, when looking for a place to live, don’t tip your hand.

Don’t give an inkling as to what your budget parameters are.

Don’t get excited when one little thing you see in a walk-thru catches your eye.

Don’t start talking excitedly as to which piece of furniture would go where in your new configuration.

Don’t even mention price, money, or offers until you have completed your inspection.

Do a thorough inspection.

Focus on the things you don’t like, not the things you do.

Don’t do any dumbass mental calculations of needed items to be addressed on the inspection report unless you are an experienced licensed contractor.

Don’t get too high or low on the appearances of the neighborhood the house is located in. I was seduced by the tree canopy on our drive up to the Open House. It wasn’t until after we drove around in each direction that we started second-guessing our intent to purchase.

On the first house we offered, we were fortunate enough to get our earnest money back due to prematurely “tipping my hand” and putting down more than was necessary.

Never buy a house “as is” unless you have deep pockets and will incur any costs to purchase the house even after an inspection uncovers more than you had planned for.

With the Domestic Despot and I, this is going to be the last house we will ever buy. We were blessed to do well in selling our house at the height of the housing frenzy, so for us more than the cost, it is the time we don’t want to waste having laborers trudging all over our beautiful hardwood floors, tearing up Bruiser and Murphy’s back yard, and getting in the way of the inground pool I will put in.

The only thing I was pretty insistent on was having a wood fireplace for those cold winters which I see coming soon, even though it is hot and muggy at the present.

My telemedical appointment is tomorrow at 1:20 pm and I hope the documents I possess will allow me to start my initial medical order, which will be sizeable.

My brother-in-law has already informed me of the dangers of publicly smoking medical marijuana.


The State of Ohio seems to have no issue if you want to suck on a vape pen. I have never been much of a vaper. I can’t take too big of a hit without coughing my ass off, and there is less and less of it as I continue to age.

Old-fashioned that way.

So, if I am able to get this thing going tomorrow, I will pick up a vape pen AND some flowers, but I will use my noggin and NOT smoke in public.

Wouldn’t be prudent.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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