The Old Stomping Grounds

I got on I-75 yesterday and headed north to Perrysburg, Ohio. A town where you can still sign your name as a promise to pay which is good enough for Kazmaier’s Market. I remember going there in 1975 and same thing. I was amazed then and even more so now.

They are not behind the times.

Everyone else went off to points unknown while this little neighborhood grocery store stayed true to its very soul: building life-long relationships and providing service that is more family than that.

I was lost as soon as I arrived. Thirty years have passed since I last drove these streets. I remember a lot of different restaurants and bars that used to be there but are either gone or closed down.

Talk about a tough business.

I was able to meet more members of my family and I am so proud of my brother-in-law Steve. Together with Krista, they are friends to all animals. Don’t believe me?

Just pay them a visit.

I got to meet my nieces for the first time, and I am so embarrassed it took this long for me to finally meet them. My eldest niece is already nineteen, enrolled in college, and is getting into the education field.

As you well know, I shy away from bragging about the strong women in our family.

Simply put, my niece will be the world’s greatest teacher. I’m giving her a couple of years before she gives Mother Theresa a run. Her sister, three years her junior, is also interested in becoming a teacher, so it must be nice to know that the future of world education is safely in their clutches.

Told you I don’t brag.

I was also able to apologize to an ex-sous chef that worked for me. Everyone carries regrets and many (most?) do not get resolved. I have been carrying a regret for thirty years and I was able to gain a great measure of relief just getting it off my chest.

Our lives are not the places we live, or the things we do.

It’s always people.

They are who fill in the blanks in our lives. Think of a world without people. You might not admit it, but after a while, you’d even miss the assholes.

Personally, I wouldn’t miss the elimination of crime and criminals.

Three words for you.

Code of Hammurabi.

Tomorrow I hope to hook up with an old band mate. Maybe we can get an acoustic jam in, and I’ll see if he can video it. Gary was a singer and guitarist in our band Bad Intent.

I miss my girl Karen and I called and woke her up to tell her I miss her.

She wasn’t mad.

The weather up here is not too cold (yet), but I remember from when I lived here before, weather changes can and will happen.

But I’ll be at home with my soulmate and two doggies on Monday.

I wish Good Karma to All and to All a Good Night!

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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