Oh Really?

I read a headline that indicated that Officer Kimberly Potter who mistakenly killed a man when she shot Daunte Wright with her service revolver instead of a taser. I have fired both and I can tell you the weight, balance, and feel are not similar.

She said, “I am sorry it happened.”

That should do it.

Shite, pure and simple.

And what the hell with the Omicron strain running rampant? It’s everywhere and the entire planet is at risk. Just when were starting to think there was an end in sight…

And there is. It’s just that WE are the ones coming to an end.

Now I do not want to sound callous and irreverent, but now it is getting serious. It is affecting the Premier League fixtures including my glorious Red Devils. I am really hoping Rangnick can get the most out of the talent at his disposal. They have all the striking power in the world, but goals just are not finding the back of the old potato sack. The midfield and fullbacks are still a concern. I don’t care what anybody says. Harry Maguire can hit the pike as far as I am concerned.

It’s like that song in the movie Popeye with the late great Robin Williams. Stinko flick, but the song about Bluto “He’s Large!” comes to mind. Size appears to be the only skill set Maguire has and I firmly believe he is replaceable.

I can’t explain it, but just hearing that Tiger Woods is back in a tournament hitting golf balls makes me smile.

Russia Sends Nuclear-Capable Bombers on Patrol Over Belarus.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Nothing to see here.

Move on.

Can you believe that Confederate memorials are still in the news?

I don’t get it. Everything offends everybody anymore and you are not just offending them, you are impinging on their rights.

Them’s fighting words.



And of course, now we start to hear chirps that there might possibly be three, (count’em) three interest rate hikes by the Fed next year.

Karen and I are feeling doubly blessed with our good fortune in both selling our house in Phoenix, and the rare double whammy as we were able to buy lower than market here in Ohio.

All good things…

I am missing the Domestic Despot and I am looking forward to returning on Monday to my sweet baby and Bruiser and Murphy. The weather this far north is a little colder and it threatened to snow all day long.

There’s a whole lot of living to do in the next week of Christmas. I have to get busy baking cookies and treats for Karen. We also have many more corny Hallmark Christmas movies to watch.

I am getting together with my buddy Gary tomorrow for a jam. Looking forward to it.

So snuggle up and get warm as you raise those mugs of egg nog and be thankful that you live in the U.S.A.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

2 thoughts on “Oh Really?

  1. That was a trip gettin together yesterday Mark after 30 years! Great twangin guitars n catchin’ up brother! You sounded great! Peace out n’ Merry Christmas to you and Karen my friend!
    ☮ 🎄 😊


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