School’s in for Winter

It appears that with the dropping temperatures come rising expectations to have our fireplace working tomorrow. They should have our covered porch done tonight. You know one of the things I like to do socially is smoke weed. I always have. However, with the pandemic and the New Abnormal, I don’t want to die to death. So, what I do is travel with little mini-pouches with a nice bowl in them. Then my friends and acquaintances can all enjoy with a device of their own choosing.

Remember buying “lids” for 10 bucks? You got anywhere from ¾ oz. to 1 ¼ oz. of cheap Mexican weed depending on how stoned or how cool your dealer was. There was this one board game (for stoners only!) and I think it was one word (drug term) like stash for example. I’m gonna take a second, Google it, and be right back.


That is the name of the game.

I was involved in an epic game of Scam with my best buddy in Tucson, Arizona in the early seventies. Mike and I got involved in an all-day game which saw us drink forty-one beers between us. We were playing the game with real pot and cocaine, and then Mike went home.

Evidently, I did not quite make it upstairs and settled for a very awkward contortion right on the stairs and directly under the air-conditioning vent.

You guessed it.

My girlfriend comes home and sees me splayed all over the stirs, dead to the world, and cold as ice.

She freaked.

Now I am on the record, if you have seen enough of my blogs (this is number 402!) as having really died on three occasions, but I don’t count this one.

But I did think it was funny.

To me.

This girl was nothing but great to me, and would later exact her revenge by Leaving Me in Las Vegas (sounds like a movie).

I deserved it.

I am practicing and just plain having fun everyday with my guitar and I’m getting psyched to go play out again.

I read where a Russian submarine ran into a British warship.

Now, stay with me here. How fucking hard is it to put a submarine in the Atlantic Ocean and not run into a Royal Navy ship?

You had ONE job.

I went to get measured for my next step up, so to speak, in a prosthetic leg.

I can’t wait and I am so ready to golf in spring. That’s also when I will decide on either a pool or spa for the backyard.

As Monday approaches, the best two college football teams in the nation will play for the National Championship.

From what I have seen, ‘Bama just has Georgia’s number.


My expert prediction is Alabama 35 Georgia 17.

With these frigid temperatures, be safe out there.

jam #11

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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