I Did it Again

Once again, my mad computer skills. Not only did I not post my 403rd blog yesterday, I somehow deleted it entirely from my computer.

So here’s a few observations:

Enough with commercials showing people loading up ten pounds of food on a plate made of pressed paper, only to see the food spill all over the place.

Another commercial has made my pet peeve list. It is for the glucose meters for diabetics so they can  watch their sugar numbers. These commercials will only serve to allow people to think they can live their lives through their numbers, instead of just doing the things that allow you to not have to check your numbers, because you are:

  • Eating small portions of nutritious foods
  • Exercising regularly
  • Limiting sugar, carbs, and fat intake

And if you are doing all these things, you don’t need a monitor.

I’m only going to say it once.

Over one million daily American cases of Covid.

You know, the country with the most strict quarantine laws and virus protocol is the one where (presumably) it all started.


And it should be.

Tough to say goodbye to a great actor from the Bahamas. Sidney Poitier was a man of conviction, eloquence, and rare grace. His Oscar-winning role in Lilies of the Field was amazing, regardless of race.

Rest well, sir.

What is Joker doing in Australia? Was he unaware that there was a virus in the world killing millions? They must not have given him enough notice.

I think I’ll ask Rafa Nadal.

Maybe not.

Enough of the laxative commercials and the associated graphics and simulations. Lame and downright scary if you ask me.

The miscreants in Georgia were meted out a just sentence whereby mankind is forever insulated against any further death they can inflict.

You know when they saw my girl Linda Dudikoski enter the courtroom, the defendants’ balls shrunk to the size of pink peppercorns.

By incurring her wrath, they ensured they will never take a breath of air that is not within the confines of their prison.

They ought be lucky she left them with balls at all.

Take the next (forever) to think about what a stupid thing it was that put you there. Whatever your life is to be in prison, at least you are alive.

Ahmaud Arbery is not.

The Pope talking shit to young people who are choosing to have pets rather than raising a family.

Now I know I will be pushing it, but YOU did not bless Karen and I with children so we raise doggies. Shut up what you don’t know anything about. Where are your children?

I thought so.

You don’t have any.

For those of you who fear I have just endangered my mortal soul, we Catholics can wipe the slate clean every week in confession.

Take it from me.

Dogs are cheaper.

Dogs won’t live at home until they are no older than seventy or eighty.

As much as I dig little kids, most of them look like Winston Churchill when they are born, so puppies are definitely cuter and more adorable.

I will resume posting a song in tomorrow’s blog.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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