Knowing When to Quit

Never. I would love to say I am such a noble individual and that I do not believe in quitting under any circumstances. I would dearly love to say it, but it is a falsehood. I have quit at certain times in my life, or more accurately, I just didn’t care enough to fight orContinue reading “Knowing When to Quit”


I take shots at pretty much everything here, on my little, tiny piece of the internet. I don’t bullshit, despite possessing one of the world’s greatest stockpiles of it. I don’t give a shit about politics; I usually let the Domestic Despot send in our ballots, that is how interested I am. Besides, let’s faceContinue reading “Cheers”

Shame on Me?

This is a story direct from my seventh grade love life. I had just won the only championship in my entire athletic career which ended under the scalpel of yet another surgeon. But then, in school, I was able to date 8th graders which was a really big deal. Not necessarily for me, but toContinue reading “Shame on Me?”


Believe it or not, young people, it used to be a thing. You could go literally anywhere in the contiguous forty-nine states by merely standing on the side of the road and putting your thumb out. We thought nothing at all of climbing into a stranger’s car, doing drugs with them, and trusting them withContinue reading “Hitchhiking”


I have always used them perhaps as a subliminal memory aid; sometimes I am just too damn smart. I have had my share of nicknames so I am writing the ones I can remember. Keep in mind I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Japan, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. I also had six differentContinue reading “Nicknames”

Never a Good Thing

When the President tells Americans to leave a country, in this case Ukraine. It is not a small country, and with no one’s help, I think there are plenty of countries that could kick their ass, but JoJo seems to want to get his hands into everything before he finishes his one term in office.Continue reading “Never a Good Thing”

Feels Like

I still don’t get it. I turn on the weather and the map of the US shows two numbers on the mostly blue outline of the country. The weatherman points and offers “It is 20 degrees in Minneapolis, but it feels like it is 5 degrees.” What the hell is that? First of all, ifContinue reading “Feels Like”

Look Up

That is the unstoppable direction that the interest rates from the Bank of England are taking. They just raised their rate for the second time in three months. The country may appear unstable with all the seemingly knee-jerk rate hikes, but let’s call this what it is. The UK is taking the lead in theContinue reading “Look Up”

Observations on a Snowy Day

I really don’t care for TV shows that take you (literally) into the guts of the matter, showing the most intimate medical details of various medical procedures. Quite frankly, if I wanted to get this close to the action, I would have gone to med school. Feel free to pan away to the furrowed browContinue reading “Observations on a Snowy Day”

Hang With Me

I found a jar of old school Maui Blue Hawaiian weed that is beleve it or not, drum roll please…. is thirty-five years old. It was inside something that you just throw into a box when you are moving, and since I am married to my perfect angel who NEVER THROWS ANYTHING AWAY, I droppedContinue reading “Hang With Me”