Scrapple and Other Things

Does anyone really know what is in scrapple?

I mean, when one of your main ingredients is offal, defined as “ the inedible parts of a butchered animal carcass,” is it any wonder you haven’t pursued this delicacy known as scrapple?

Now, here comes the country boy in me, but I don’t routinely eat inedible things.



We got the fireplace going tonight (yay!) and I will have to close the flue.

It’ll be cool when we get some snow.

If we don’t watch out the only snow we’ll see will be nuclear snow coming after a North Korean-led holocaust.

I don’t trust him.

I don’t trust him.

I don’t trust him.

If you scrape off the compacted nuclear snow, turned green-black from age, you will have scrapple.

I shouldn’t laugh; I worked for exactly five fours in a restaurant that specialized in scrapple and had many assorted scrapple dishes.

(see my post on cannibalism).

Two words for you: Soylent Green.

Enough of scrapple already.

It’s offal enough.


Still got it.

It looks like a case of snooze you lose for this gig I was evidently late to reply to, but we were moving in and renovating our house, but when I get some time, I will be ready.

You know, I used to like Novak Djokovic.

Wow, a different team than Alabama won the national title.

Congrats Dawgs.

I think the most terrifying photos on earth are the ones in our own mind’s eye when we see “the last photo taken before death” and then we see pix of people pushing the limits and defying gravity for why I do not know, but when the very last photo you see from the ill-fated cameraman is a hungry-looking bear, well ‘nuff said.

Why you want to gamble with Your Last Chip (your one and only chip) in the game is way beyond me. Maybe I get it if you are eighty-five years old and have already lived a full life.


Hoping for snow, just not the dangerous kind.

The picturesque kind.

The kind that looks really good from inside by the fire with a snifter of Napoleon Brandy.

Let’s all try to treat each other with respect and try to understand that we are all just trying to do the best that we can for our families and ourselves.

Whatever direction this country is headed for, we will ALL be affected.

I’ll let you know if I get the gig when I go check out this place tomorrow.

I hope you are all safe wherever you are.

Check out this jam:

jam #12

Stay well.

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