At least in a democratic society we are supposed to have many choices; that is what a democracy is all about after all.

For some unknown reason, no one has ever approached me to ask my opinions on Roe v Wade.

Here they are:

Firstly, no man should be a part of the legislative process when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. They simply cannot know how or what a woman thinks and all of their metrics and models don’t show them shit. Now I could understand a male politician who votes against pro-choice if all his constituents wanted him to vote that way. But that’s the ONLY WAY that scenario plays out.

And that is just politics.

But don’t go throwing the Bible into the thick of the fray in the argument, that’s a load of crap.

No one except the biological parents of children has a right to say anything about their welfare and that’s where it should end.

Now you guys know I love little kids. But I don’t feel I have any right to offer commentary on the right-to-life deal, again, having no stake in the pot. So of course I will anyway.

I fully understand the love of kids has no limits, but the only choice I made was not to over to my buddies who were blessed (saddled) with children.

The smell.

It seemed to show up in the first couple month’s of the baby’s arrival and it stayed for at least a year.


I could go maybe twenty minutes of it and despite my best efforts at hiding the smell with numerous bong-hits from a five-foot Grafix, it would send me off and away to points unknown.

That’s why I loved coaching my little Pee-Wees in Pop Warner Football. We would spend two days a week practicing, and we played our games on Saturdays.

We would have some of the greatest fun for three hours and then they would go home to their parents.

When I choose seafood to eat, I end up paying through the nose, but I’ll pay for fresh flown-in fish with clear gills and firm flesh thank you very much.

In the later years of my big-shot chef career, I did several judgings for chili cookoffs, bake-offs, top chef contests, and the like. It was a lot of fun, I got paid, and of course drinks and food all day long.

It didn’t suck.

When I was at the World Famous El Conquistador Golf Resort in Tucson, I entered my Seafood Chili in a chili cook-off in Scottsdale. One of the great things about working resorts: access to pretty much anything product-wise. My buddy, a fellow chef, came in third overall, and I received a Special Award for Most Unusual Ingredients. Not many people go to the desert expecting to find chili with lobster, clams, Sea scallops and a fried abalone garnish.

To this very day I have every minute detail of every face of every judge burned into my eternal memory and someday I will kill, maim, strangle, stab, and suffocate them while I look on with a sick, crooked smile.

Name the movie this song came from:

Brother of “Kung Fu” actor

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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