Loving Life

A sunny day today and temps in the fifties. I am ready to go get a BBQ for the porch.

I just made a batch of my famous marinara and will be inviting Karen’s sister accompanied by the infamous ADOGG over for Sunday dinner. Caesar Salad, a little scampi appetizer followed by Chicken Parm and some crusty garlic bread oughta do it. I’ve been trying to get together and jam or check out ADOGG’s band practice, but he still works a full-time job.

I don’t miss it a bit.

What’s the big uproar about Nancy Pelosi’s demeanor at JoJo’s State of the Union address?

That silly bird always looks like she was pulling tubes and doing nose hits right before she shows up for any public occasion.

I can relate, so I love the old girl.

I saw a story that the cast of Criminal Minds is ready for another go-round.

Sign me up.

I am not so big on the return of Leverage which I used to love when the ensemble cast included Kadeem Hardison and Timothy Dalton. It seems like my girl Parker has lost her perkiness.

So what you are saying is the definition of a Russian military convoy is a forty-mile one-lane backup?

I did think it quite hilarious that that dumbass Laura Boebert tried getting fellow Republicans to join her in a chant of “Build the Wall,” and it went over about as well as Tom Brady’s 2019 chant of “We’re still here” by the perennial champions.


I think she needs a man.

Her fervor subsided when someone told her to sit her ass down.

I didn’t even know the wall was a big issue anymore.

So Jojo says he will go after the Russian oligarchs and BabyHead Putin’s cronies.


They probably could put together a bigger war machine than we can.

And now that the world focus appears to be in Eastern Europe, I couldn’t even tell you the latest numbers on Covid which were burnt in our minds daily during the height of the pandemic.

So I am surfing through the mindless fodder that suffices for “news” and I use that term lightly thank you very much.

It is for one of those teaser stories that has about forty slides that you have to scroll through to see the information or image that drew you in in the first place.

I went through one of them.


I swore never again.

How lame is it that anyone would keep scrolling through slide -after-slide and this particular story was about a famous singer who was evidently scantily-clad because the headline was “her dress left nothing to the imagination.”

What do you think that I am a twelve-year old girl that wants to look at the outfits of diva singers past their prime, and talk about boyfriends and jewelry?

Give me a freakin’ break.

Like I have absolutely nothing better to do than look at the withering body of an aging hottie and wonder about her hair and outfit?

Only a mindless boob would fight through another long slideshow for such a mindless “reward.”

I thought she looked a little chunky, personally.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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