Beautiful Day

They are all beautiful, but today was hell-good on the weather front.

72 degrees.


Where was I?

The golf course is where I should have been, but I was laid up again with my damn stump and the sore that is posing a problem with me walking.

Heading in to my prosthetist tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll get me back up walking.

Today I am posting the preface for the letter H from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!


          Honesty is NOT the best policy.

          It is the only policy. You can never go wrong telling the truth. It may cause financial loss, embarrassment, and loss of status, but you will keep your honor and by doing so, you honor your family and all those that came before you.

          I told far too many lies in this lifetime, a fact I am none too proud of. You can be honest with yourself and dishonest to others and you are a liar and philosophically flawed. Or vice versa, and you give the appearance of being honest, which by my standard, is worse yet. A friend of mine in college once told me “a lie is nothing but the truth told backwards!” Must be nice to be able to compartmentalize like that. I was never any good at it. More like all-over-the-map type of focus.

          How can you tell when a pathological liar is telling the truth? You’ve got to believe me! I’m seriously telling the truth this time! Think about it. I was raised to be honest, but far too often the little voice in my head was that of the tiny Hadite on my shoulder. The little red guy with the mini-trident seemed to have me figured out and which buttons to push to send me on another fruitless hedonistic sojourn. I knew I shouldn’t listen, but the things he was telling me were so much more fun than the more intelligent alternatives.

          I have always taken my intelligence for granted, choosing to pull it out like an old plastic Christmas wreath that goes on the outside of the front door every year. I used it as a way of ducking out of my assigned chores around the house when we were kids. I did my sister’s ninth-grade homework (I was in fifth-grade), and they were the highest grades she ever received in high school.



          Tomorrow I will post another song as I practice. I will also post the short-short story Restraint that corresponds with the emotion honesty.

          In the meantime, pray for everyone and everything because we have not been this close to the end of the world since I almost forgot to get the Domestic Despot a present for her birthday.

          Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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