Read With Caution

Here is the second short-short story I wrote under the emotion madness. This is included in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABBC’s!

School’s Out

          Detective Matt Kennedy got off the elevator on the 6th floor. The shiny doors parted to reveal a pile of seven bodies. Blood pooled from the underside of several overturned corpses. A head, or rather, the fragments of brain and bone that once were a head, remained hanging precipitously by what appeared to be a neck. It gave no indication of identity. The coppery smell of death permeated the entire floor. As he gently tiptoed his way over bodies, the shredded remnants of the windpipe of a young woman tangled itself around his left ankle. He vomited twice, searching out a dry patch of carpet to deposit the Big Mac he ate ten minutes ago. Matt looked in every direction, greeted by the most horrific crime scene he had ever witnessed in his 23-year career in the Phoenix Police Department. The walls were splattered with different hues of blood red, purple, black bile, and some stains that could not be found in any color spectrum.


          He turned to the elevator, a Pavlovian response to the gong of the elevator announcing its arrival. It was his partner, Jimmy Reese, all 24 years of him.

          “Jimmy, what the hell happened here?” Matt asked incredulously. He could tell his young partner was falling apart.

          “It’s like this on every floor! All seven of them! Bodies, blood, all dead. The Crime Scene Unit is sending three teams, should be arriving soon.” Jimmy looked to his hero Matt for strength.  Jimmy was six-foot five, weighed 275 lbs. and had played football for the Sun Devils before missing his shot with a severed Achilles tendon injury. At this very moment he was as weak as a newborn.

          “Easy, Big Dogg,” Matt offered.  The wailing of an entire squadron of police vehicles pierced through the walls and alerted the detectives to return to the first floor. They carefully made their way back to the elevators, traversing the other side of the building but finding more of the same madness. What looked like a human organ of some kind; a liver or something vital, blocked his path to the linoleum. As Jimmy delicately lifted his foot, he felt his right foot giving way to the slippery body fluids congealing under his weight. The enormous man fell face first, into what remained of a human corpse’s stomach. Jimmy shrieked, drawing Matt near, already removing his windbreaker to offer Jimmy. Not one word was spoken.

          The men silently entered the elevator, pushing the blood-streaked floor button for “1.”

          As the detectives made their way to the front doors, Jimmy turned to Matt.

          “Can you believe this happened here, of all places? I got my degree from this online university!” Jimmy shouted at no one in particular. I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it!” Jimmy was hysterical now. “I can’t believe it.”

          “I can’t believe it! I did it again. I overslept again!” Julie sighed and rolled over on her side. Now THAT was a dream! I better get going. Don’t wanna be late for work at good ‘ol Online U.”

Stay well.

PS: I’ll post a post either tomorrow (providing there is no guff or, as Americans like to call it, horseshit), dispensed by my unpaid roadie/assistant/drone who shall NOT go nameless. She stresses the “unpaid” part.

It is none other than the Domestic Despot Osama bin Karen.

It is an absolute disaster-waiting-to-happen scenario putting my soulmate (nice save Marko!) in charge of taking pics and an attempt at a video of my gig tomorrow night which, if she defies all the odds and produces quality material, I will proudly post on this site.

And what?

Oh yeah eat crow.

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