I forgot how much I missed it . So many years have passed since I remember foggy days and nights, but when I woke up this morning, I could not see across the street to my neighbors’ houses. Of course in England we had the proverbial “thick as pea soup” fog that severely limited carContinue reading “Fog”


Used to be the only people wearing stripes had done something bad enough to land in prison or those with bad fashion sense. I never got the whole “stripes are slimming” thing. I don’t perceive as anyone being slimmer or fatter unless they are nude of course, but short of that, who gives a shitContinue reading “Stripes”

Did Hell Freeze Over?

I know I have been a little groggy with medications, but what did I miss? Ronaldo was benched. Messi was traded. Now I am not an expert, but you know that silly little thing won’t stop me from chiming in. In a year when trade rumors and gossip are filled with the biggest names inContinue reading “Did Hell Freeze Over?”

Making Hay

“Making hay while the sun shines,” is an old expression that refers to taking advantage of one’s opportunities as conditions allow. It does not mean charging ninety-dollars for two and a half bags of groceries. I understand the greed of the world’s oil producers and, maybe not in my lifetime, but there will come aContinue reading “Making Hay”

Now Hiring

I see the signs everywhere. Everybody needs help to climb back up on the horse and ride again. I am infused with hope every time I see one. Hell, a part of me still reacts and that little stupid voice inside me says “you can still do it. You should apply.” I have been officiallyContinue reading “Now Hiring”

Dialing it In

An expression that refers to effort, and how much a person gives of themselves. Instead of fighting and battling against something, isn’t it easier to just “dial it in” with minimal or no effort? I can’t do that. Never could. My problem many times, is giving TOO MUCH and OVERREACHING. Sounds weird, but that’s howContinue reading “Dialing it In”

Hard Work Pays Off

This is an excerpt from my book EMOTIONS: Not Your Mama’s ABC’s where I assign emotions to the different letters of the alphabet. Under the letter Q:           “Querulous implies complaining, something I do, but mostly in private. My problem is that I’ve never given a shit about anything, so if I don’t care, IContinue reading “Hard Work Pays Off”