Getting it Just Right

Perfectionists.  I am one. Sometimes. Often confused with obsessive-compulsive behavior, there are several schools of thought that address it. One is the idealist, the person who actually believes perfection is possible. The other school posits that perfection is not possible. Of the two, the former is way more palatable to me because at bare minimum,Continue reading “Getting it Just Right”

My Two Cents

I saw a headline that stated, “The Whole World is Furious with NFL for Tom Brady penalty.” Shut the hell up. I posit that 95% of the world could give two shits about that pampered white boy or his even more spoiled wife. She is suing for divorce. Boo fucking hoo. I’m sure you haveContinue reading “My Two Cents”

Wait for it…

This is a short story I wrote on about a fifteen minute break from working the restaurant at closing time. Trust           At approximately 1:30 am Eastern Standard Time, at a family-dining chain restaurant in central Florida, an ex-employee pushed his way through the back door and into the kitchen. His two friends quickly dartedContinue reading “Wait for it…”

Words You Can’t Take Back

I love you. I hate you. I don’t trust you. I’m leaving you. Get out and don’t come back. I did it. I murdered her (or him). What got me started on this tangent on a fine 66 degrees and sunny day in southern Ohio? No idea unless it is this excellent Indica strain comingContinue reading “Words You Can’t Take Back”

Mr. Big (mouth)

I left a lucrative career in the food service industry for the opportunity to start up my own company, in this adventure, a contracting/construction business in northwest Ohio. I mean I started this company from the ground up. Not far removed from my pool shark days of Las Vegas, I went to a local tavernContinue reading “Mr. Big (mouth)”

          Four Letters for Ted Cruz

My wife of 35 years uses them all the time to me. STFU When you are paid a salary to serve the people of your state, it is meant for more pressing things than complaining to Sesame Street for vaccinating children on their show. Covid is still rampaging through your state, inflation is causing evenContinue reading ”          Four Letters for Ted Cruz”

I Try

To quote Billy Jack, iconic badass from the 70’s. When I see a story about a cow actually being arrested and imprisoned for murder, I try and accept that sometimes news stories are about crime, politics, sports, and sometimes it is about arresting and imprisoning animals. Granted, it is in South Sudan, but come on.Continue reading “I Try”


Staying calm. Cool under pressure. Not everyone has it 100% of the time. I’m probably in the high eighties if I am really being honest with myself. I had to “beat” a polygraph test in order to land a major casino Executive Chef job in Las Vegas. Answering truthfully all the questions set up toContinue reading “Tranquilo”

Read With Caution

Here is the second short-short story I wrote under the emotion madness. This is included in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABBC’s! School’s Out           Detective Matt Kennedy got off the elevator on the 6th floor. The shiny doors parted to reveal a pile of seven bodies. Blood pooled from the underside of severalContinue reading “Read With Caution”

Love is Blind

Without a lot of fanfare, here is a story I wrote when I was working in a corporate cubicle: Another Love Story Day One           It was a cool October morning and I parked, grabbed my lunchbox, and headed toward good ‘ol Building 66. As I approached the entrance, a blue Toyota came bouncing offContinue reading “Love is Blind”