Have you noticed how I have purposefully avoided saying anything at all about my beloved Man U Reds?

Nor will I, lest I start to even begin to fathom the depths at which this once-proud, once globally-feared organization has sunk so low.

“Oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth”…

I caught a glimpse of the new Superstud of the Day Jason Mamoa. Frankly it was like looking in the mirror. As The Rock starts to pass the baton (that I handed off to him) to the new breed, I  frankly thought he was a few rungs up the ladder than Lisa Bonet was.

He could do better.

She couldn’t.


If she had a day, it certainly isn’t now.

So I am thinking of getting a gun.

I know.

I have gone back and forth for decades on this question and it has been forty years past my days of pretending to be “gangsta.”

I was lucky I didn’t get myself killed.

Very lucky.

Pretty hilarious actually, but the Domestic Despot seems to lack genuine enthusiasm for my sordid dance with Dante’s Inferno in the hedonistic 80’s in Las Vegas.

I experienced some unbelievable highs and incredible lows in the five years I spent there.

So the Activities Director called me and booked me for a one-hour show on May 20th between 2-3pm including setup, breakdown and packing the Highlander. I am going to make a point of going out there just to take a peak at the stage area (if there is a stage), and I might see if I could get by with one speaker tower or if more oomph is required.

Mr. Details here still doesn’t know the full name of the organization, but it seems like fun and besides, how bad can it be putting smiles on peoples’ faces?

The weather still doesn’t know what it wants to do, because every day is a crapshoot: snow in the morning, sunny at night.

Yeah, like that.

Tomorrow I have to start working out with the goal of standing up for my one-hour gig next month. Up to this point, pictures of me playing all show me sitting down.

This will be huge for me.

The hard part will be pushing the leg up until the point of injury.

Past pain.

Way past pain.

Keep you posted.

Every passing day I run through the exact sequence of emotions as it pertains to those feisty Ukrainians as they try to survive the mass destruction inflicted by BabyHead Putin.

They are in order:

  1. Amazement the USSR has not taken the Ukraine
  2. Anger at NATO’s tiptoeing around ending this bullshit

On top of stupid move after stupid move, he still can’t bring Ukraine down.

And I will tell you something: Karen said when watching the retake of a Ukrainian city that was demolished to rubble by Russian missiles, “Big deal, they take over a pile of rubble.”

Oh, I got my shit in motion.


“I don’t give a good heap of horseshit what they left behind. I don’t care if they left a hole that went all the way down to China. That is Ukrainian land and property and it can be rebuilt!”

I really felt like thumping her on the head

Except she would surely kick me in the bollocks.

Stay well.

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