Mr. 500

Not this post.

Yesterday’s post was the 500th post I have been credited with making on my blog. That’s like writing a book, which I found to be one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. Since my posts average around 500 words each, I have written 250,000 and I am still not out of crazy shit that keeps running through my head.

I took my soulmate out to an Italian restaurant (it better be an Italian restaurant with a name like Mama Disalvo’s) for her birthday and what a diamond in the rough it turned out to be. It is located in a cool little town called Kettering, a suburb of Dayton, where we once had an accepted offer on a house only miles away.

We passed many eating establishments along the way to Kettering, but when we approached Mama D’s, there was only one parking spot left in the lot.

I pulled in.

The place smelled heavenly.

We were seated at the last remaining booth and the tables were nice and simple. Of course, there were no salt and pepper shakers on any of the tables.

The server was nice and very prompt and efficient, knowing when to time her return trips and juggling the four other tables in her section.

She’s played this game before I thought.

We decided to start with two simple, straight forward appetizers before deciding on entrees.

Are we glad we did.

The Calamari Fritti was an oversize bowl full of rings and tentacles accompanied by Mama’s marinara which was… It looked weak. It actually resembled tomato paste in its consistency, but the flavor was pure Italy.

Simple and probably has been served in the same form for centuries.

We also ordered the Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese salad which was big enough for at least three people, probably four. The mozzarella was made on the premises and could have used at least another press to ensure a creamier consistency. There were five large rounds of cheese placed on huge Beefsteak tomato slices. They were drizzled with a very nice aged balsamic vinegar, Extra Virgin olive oil, and topped with fresh chopped basil leaves. I would have added a sprinkle of sea salt and some fresh ground black peppercorns.

Simple, but the bomb.

By the time we were ready to order, we weren’t ready to order. We ate almost all of the yummy apps and were both pretty full, but not too full for some tiramisu which was as good as any I’ve ever had (even in Italy). We ended up ordering a Chicken Scallopini dinner to go.

That will be early dinner tomorrow night as I have my open mic hosting gig on Thursdays.

We went and saw this great singer-guitarist who is playing where I played last. He had killer vocals and played some intense songs. Playing Led Zeppelin on a single acoustic guitar takes balls….and mad skills.

Just so happens he was playing on his birthday.

In closing, thanks very much for dropping by my blog.

I totally appreciate it.

Stay well.

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