Serves You Right

I remember hearing that a lot when I was a kid growing up.

Remember those little brush “blades” that we would find on the streets after the street sweepers went through? They served as our first weapon. A cutting tool after you sharpened them against the curbs.

When I don’t understand something, I don’t just shut down and refuse to even speak about it. That’s the only reasoning I have to offer for the recent actions of Governor Ron DeSantis R-Fla. He signed a bill which has become to be known as the “Don’t say gay” law. I have not deep-dived into this subject nor do I plan to, but I probably should.

It used to be there were straights, gays, and nymphomaniacs.

That was it.

Maddogg is as straight as they come, but I was raised (read taught) many biases and prejudices which I am not proud of. I was told homosexuals were lesser beings when I was growing up.

So here I am, cruising along with all this extra baggage when BOOM!

I find out I have family members that are gay.

The year was 1972 and I only knew one thing: Three punk-ass bitches decided to hassle one of my cousins who happened to be gay. The gay part never came into my mind, but try fucking with my family, and I become a non-thinking machine. These guys were all assholes and bullies, and I have never been able to stomach anyone who picks on weaker individuals. It has resulted in a few ass-whippings, but some things are worth it.

So, it’s after school and the bullies all follow me to the neighborhood where I lived. I saw them jump out of a Mustang and walked towards me. I had some time for all this to develop, and I was scared at first, but looking at these three upper-middle class white boys with smirks on their mugs as they kept pounding their fists to intimidate me.

Didn’t work.

Just like they always tell you, always go for the biggest guy first.

Makes sense.

I walked right up to the three, standing side-by-side. Without saying so much as one word, I kicked the biggest dude as hard as I could right on his kneecap.

He was done.

The other two grabbed me, but not before I caught the next asshole right under his nose, breaking it, and causing him to tear up to where he couldn’t see me.

Blood gushed everywhere.

I just had to look at the third dude to send him running.

He didn’t want none.

I went from scared shitless and expecting some nasty blows, to King Badass in five minutes.

I looked down and I was shaking like a leaf.

Now over the years the legend has grown to five guys, but I have no doubts I would have not fared as well in that scenario.

That little bloodletting affair did not give me a case of blood lust.

Just don’t fuck with my family.

If you do, it serves you right what you get.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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