Is it Safe?

Not in this country.

Not anymore.

As if the recent senseless violent shootings weren’t enough, now throw in the terrifying reality that we, each and every one of us, are at risk of being killed indiscriminately anywhere we go.

There’s a pleasant thought to carry with you on this fine Tuesday.

It just isn’t enough that we have to deal with the natural disasters. No, we have to do things like start wars, fire off missile after missile and bomb after bomb.

All the great things that I am sure Mother Nature appreciates.

There has been a rash of suicides on one of our United States Naval Nuclear Aircraft Carriers. The U.S.S. George Washington is watching ‘em drop like flies.

The sailors are complaining about “poor working conditions,” high stress, and “long hours.”

No shit, dumbasses.

It’s the navy.

The military.

You have to eat shit and do whatever it is you are told to do, no matter what the conditions.

Then you get out.

Evidently, the navy has sent some brass out to the carrier because they are concerned over what they term as “low morale.”

Ya think?

A dozen suicides might have that effect.

I really hope our military is not regressing to a bunch of new-wave pussies who forgot how to fight.

Saw a headline about a “right-wing” conspiracy to ban trans youth from sports. I am on the record as saying there should be trans sports and there should be biologically determined male and female sports.

My opinion is based on my knowledge of the physical advantages that males have over females.

It is unfair.

And isn’t that what the entire aim of the conversation is?

Fairness in sport.


Maddogg did it again.

And why does every issue have to be labelled as left or right-thinking?

Because people want to refine the aim of their laser-sharp hatred for future reference. They want to be able to point to them and say they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

There is no depth of our vitriol and petty jealousies.

What ever happened to shut up and mind your own fucking business?

Seems like simpler times….

Sweden and Finland have both made bids to join NATO.

If this recent USSR-Ukraine war didn’t show anything, it showed the changing world requires new, updated alliances and mutual protections that will hopefully prevent future transgressions.

So McDonald’s is pulling their entire business out of Russia.

I thought we wanted to hurt the Russians.

Now, we will only be poisoning fat little American kids.

Just another reason to hate BabyHead Putin. His joke of a navy has bungled their way into a mass killing of dolphins.

Hate crime.

Stop designating every crime a hate crime.

I think it is a hate crime because I hate when you use that term.

Four Air Force Academy cadets might not graduate because they refuse to take the virus shots.

Military men should be unquestioning, unthinking machines.

Two words for you.

Motor pool.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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