Enough is Enough

The little lawn gnome BabyHead Putin is at it again.

Enough is enough with detaining Brittany Griner.

Call it timing, coincidence, or whatever, but JoJo is heading to Asia just as our favorite North Korean maniac Kim Jong-un has decided on launching a long-range missile test.

Go figure.

Pakistan just got hit with an outbreak of cholera, and I can speak from experience when I tell you how fucked up that is.

Your body aches all day and night, your head burns hot, and you absolutely cannot get enough water into your body. Sweats, chills, vomiting, and forget sleep without drugs.

My case of it came from drinking the well water from the tiny Japanese farm village where we lived. I also contracted malaria, tetanus, typhoid fever, and over twenty cases of strep throat. It was strange because no one else in the family except me was affected.

Over one-hundred thousand people in Mexico are listed as “officially missing or disappeared”?

What the fuck is that?

What do you tell the parents of the missing person?

“Sorry, they are lost. They just disappeared.”

Don’t fucking think so.

I am serious.

Everyone out here in the state of Ohio is BIG. The women are tall, large, and they are married to large men. These two large individuals have spawned three large children.

I think I am starting to figure it out. Since we have moved here, I am constantly trying out new places in new little towns. I have yet to eat at a place with small or even medium-sized portions.

You literally get two or three meals unless you decide to be a human pig and eat everything in front of you just like a real pig does.

And people do just that.

Even the small people are big out here.

No wonder the football teams are huge.

When we went to church on Sunday, an entire pew was taken up by a family of very large people. It looked like one of those nutty family decals with the dad being the biggest one all the way down to the baby.

The baby looked like she was ten years-old.

Every single restaurant that serves liquor and is NOT considered fine dining will absolutely have beer-battered fish and chips on the menu. I consider myself to be an unquestioned expert on fish and chips after all my years as a chef and the years I spent in Jolly Old herself just as England won the World Cup and the Beatles conquered the rest of the planet.

After a night of hitting three pubs, of course, the munchies of choice was fish and chips. Steak and kidney pies came in a close second.

Despite my threats, I haven’t been back to England since I left her in 1967.

Used to be, that after 2 am, lights went out, and only the moonlight was your guide.

Many small towns did not have street lamps. It was downright eerie being in a town at night, before everyone turned in for the night. When you can hear people and not see them…weird.

I promised myself to bite my tongue and let the new manager do his thing and return my Manchester United Reds back to their former glory.

Glory United! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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