Under Attack


Jo-jo is getting eaten alive by viruses.

Now, I might just be an old country boy from East L.A., but somebody better fix him.


If Kamala Harris takes the reins of this country, good luck to us all.

You think it sucks now…..

I am not impressed with her political savvy nor her management style. And I have expressed this in previous writings.

Here is the song I promised yesterday.


It is called Gone and is my first effort in thirty years.



I’m already considering writing another.

On the only three occasions I had to ride horses, I ended up washing and grooming the horse.

Everybody’s horses.

After cleaning their hooves, currying and cleaning them,  I added a soak-down which I found was much to the horses’ delight.

What they really loved, all three of them, was the rubdowns with the body brush. Every so often, as I was brushing them, I would hit a spot.

I knew it when I did it, because the horses would literally shudder, and you could feel their muscle spasms when I used the scrubby brush on their faces, chests and their backs.

I could see their eyes glaze over with that “Oh, don’t stop! You’ve got it! There!


That look I have seen on Murphy and Bruisers’ faces as I scratch them and their little legs start kicking.

Kick start! Kick Start!

Do people go to movies anymore?

And here I go sounding a million years old again, but the caterwauling that Beyonce spews is indigestible. Maybe liked by some as yet discovered civilization, but not here.

She might be a tad overweight, but I don’t care. But maybe you don’t have the body type to pull off some of those outfits anymore.

I mean she does have some mileage on her.

Personally, I loved the magic of going to the cinema when I was a child than after I grew up. I saw a story that two people went up in a plane, and only the pilot returned.

Now, I am not going to point fingers here, but it is a tough pill to swallow to think that suicide was at play. Now I have seen enough crime shows over the years to immediately turn my suspicion to the last person to see him alive.


The pilot.

I mean, we don’t even get to check the parachute to see why it did not open, because there was no parachute.

Arrest that dumbass and get this over with.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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