Did it Ever Occur to You?

That there are brave policemen that are members of the Uvalde Police Department who were not there when that tragedy occurred? Testosterone-fueled law enforcement officers that knew the meaning of the “enforcement” part of the equation? They would have stormed through the door, without thinking of their own safety, brought down the wrath of God, and killed that little asshole.

They would not cower in the hallway like inept buffoons.

These boys don’t pee sitting down.

But no.

All we got to see was the Texas version of the old Keystone Cops.

What a bunch of clowns.

I can’t even imagine the depth of emotions that something like that can do to a parent, so I won’t even try, except to say it takes one sorry motherfucker to let a child die because you are just a chickenshit little loser. I won’t say you are a girl, because I know a lot of girls (sic women) that would go kick ass. And some mothers actually displayed something you don’t have in your protection arsenal: courage and a disregard for self, when they ignored the cowards and went in and got their own children.

Thank you very much.

I know this is not current news, but for some the story will stay as fresh as May 24th.

For the remainder of their existence on this planet.

That is a long time to carry that kind of hurt around.

I’ll pray for you.

Did it ever occur to you that people (and I use that term very loosely) are out there buying and selling human beings and ruining their lives through drugs, prostitution and slavery?

Can’t even imagine.

Someone needs to take an automatic rifle, available on every street corner in the United States, and eliminate that whole species of rodent.


You rape, you lose the ability to ever rape again.

And I don’t mean through drugs or counseling.


Moving along…

I live in the heart of Buckeye Land  and as much as I hear the fans squawking about the ass-whipping they plan on putting on the Fighting Irish, I can’t find a single person who will give me 17 points.

The spread is 17.5 and I still get no takers.

Poor Maddogg.

No treats for him.

I was talking to this dude in the Ohio License Bureau where we were attempting to register our Arizona car with Ohio plates. He was a local who took one of my cards to give to a club owner he knows for me to play a gig at.

It is one of the coolest things I dig about living out here.

The people.

Everybody is so nice.

I know there have to be some assholes, I’ve just been lucky so far and haven’t run into them.

So unfortunately Karen, the evil Domestic Despot, found my shoes so now I am stuck going to a wedding on Saturday night for sure.

She’s not fooling me at all.

She is making me go so she can get drunk and I will drive her drunk-ass home.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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