Two Words

Describe the United States of America in two words.

In my lifetime (68 years and counting), I have seen my two-word description change and change back.

I guess I would describe my first five years in a Safe and Powerful country.

As we entered the sixties, I would use Happy and Riotous to describe half the country (they called us hippies) and the other for the tumult of the embarrassing  civil rights movement.

You could go to any road, stick out your thumb, and someone would pick you up to help you along your journey. They would not kill you to death or murder you to extinction.


They might offer you a doobie or a cold one, or even better, if you weren’t one-hundred percent dedicated to where you were going, you might end up going on a whole different adventure with them to somewhere you’ve never been before.

They would probably enjoy some kickass tunes on the radio.


The seventies were my favorite decade without a doubt. I would have to say my journey was Fast and Enlightening. I learned more about myself and my place in the world during this time and God and I became closer than ever. I have written about how I somehow feel closer to God the higher up the mountains I go.

My awe turns to humility as I lay on a slope of mountain wildflowers. I can make out each tiny blossom; I see in great detail because the bright white bark of the Aspen trees illuminates the last few hours of the dark purple night as the pink clouds begrudgingly give way to the peeking Sun.

The eighties came and went and I would use Creative and Final to describe this decade.


Well, it was in this time period that I got serious about playing music and I pursued my acting bug at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

I am an old buzzard now, but that came right before I met the Domestic Despot. If you are going to study anything at UCSB, every class you take, it doesn’t matter which class, will be packed with some of the finest babes on the entire west coast of California.

Every single day. It was like Cocoon. I never thought I’d get, sick or get old, and I would always be amidst all these super fine specimens of the female persuasion until time immemorial.

The final part was 6-21-87.

Wedding day.

The nineties?

Most of this decade was Work and Travel.

I would end up moving us pretty much everywhere from Tucson, Arizona, to Athens, Alabama.

I don’t remember the 00’s except to say Peaceful and Planning. Planning for where we are right now, in my own little Mayberry, lovely Miamisburg, Ohio. I also came up with my plan to help out the Humane Society of Greater Dayton through my Maddogg persona.

Having the time of my life doing it.

The 2010’s were more of the same, maybe Restful and Travel. All the stuff people who don’t work do.

Oh yeah, I play golf; at least I play a version of it.

No one out there has more fun than I do.

Unfortunately, my two words for the current 2020 decade are Anyone. Anywhere.

Makes me sick to say it, but no one is safe in this country anymore.

Take care and…

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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