I Was a Stripper

          True story.           After I left school and travelled all over this beautiful country of ours, I met up with a scotch-soaked bar room queen in Tulsa. Not exactly a Rolling Stones song, but oh, so close.           Shady was her name, but her given name was Shadelle La Fontaine Pemberton.           She wasContinue reading “I Was a Stripper”

Pot Shots

Everyone is down on anything that they don’t agree with, or don’t understand. I miss the days where people were not such attention-craving assholes. You don’t have to look very far to find the source. Social media. I don’t give two shits what you had for lunch, so don’t take a picture of it. IContinue reading “Pot Shots”

If The Shoe Fits

With all the anti-American sentiment emanating from our own politicians, it’s hard to believe that there are people who actually want to live here in this country. Go down to El Paso and see what the sentiment is there. So when the hell did the machete become the preferred weapon of choice for rednecks? Can’tContinue reading “If The Shoe Fits”

Who is to Blame?

Give people the slightest semblance of a reason and they will gleefully seek out and even more gleefully assign blame whenever they can. Where does the “blame chain” end? Good luck trying to tag any politician; unless you lie for a living, too, you are already behind the curve. The economy? Oh, this president isContinue reading “Who is to Blame?”


Not too hard to believe, actually. The Louisville Police Department is racist. I’m not saying it, THEY are. What is hard to believe is that it took this long to admit to. I wonder what gave it away? I have seen people of color criminalized by the people sworn to protect the city of Louisville.Continue reading “Believable”

Don’t Get Me Started

Anyone who abandons their pets has forfeited their eternal soul to a fiery hell. And if I had any say in it, that would just be for starters. I understand that life can make it painfully necessary for some to have to surrender their furry friends, but surrender does not mean you open your carContinue reading “Don’t Get Me Started”

Here We Go Again

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that whoever is responsible for a string of poisonings of Iranian girls in the country will face death if caught. (I would say convicted, but I don’t think their system of justice is encumbered by slow appeals, tricky letters of the law, or pesky convictions). Death. Steal something.Continue reading “Here We Go Again”

Nice To See

The highest court in the land decide against those thieving losers in Delaware (the owners and operators of MoneyGram) that decided unilaterally, mind you, that they would appropriate hundreds of millions of dollars that they had no claim to. Since money, greed, and avarice are the only things these criminals understand, I hope they tackContinue reading “Nice To See”

Top Secret

Now Mike Pence, the ex-Vice President, has boxes of top secret documents that he had no idea were in his possession. I know I am a little slow on the uptake, but who the hell is in charge of handing out documents crucial to the well-being of all Americans? If they are giving them toContinue reading “Top Secret”


You asked for it, you got it. Amber McLaughlin. In an episode right out of Criminal Minds, a funeral home owner was making a tidy profit by dismembering corpses and selling off their body parts. In another episode right out of Criminal Minds, a woman is killed when a rogue wave hit a cruise ship.Continue reading “Equality”